It is imperative to identify SMART (specific, measurable, attainable relevant and timely) goals is something we all consider when investing time and money into our business. This is a tried and tested technique to follow when establishing your goals, but remembering to keep your goals revenue focused is especially important when establishing what you want to achieve out of your marketing plans.

Director Justine works with businesses to understand construct a bespoke marketing strategy, tailored to the individual needs of each unique business.  She considers how the results of that strategy are measured & how to adapt that strategy based on results, data, analytics and feedback.

Justine McLaughlin Nik Ellis Revolution 4.0

Justine McLaughlin & Nik Ellis

At Revolution 4.0 we set clear, scheduled objectives within your marketing strategy with a results base that can be analysed and adapted when needed. The end goal for your business is to generate a profit, and we can help you reach that goal.

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