When running a business its important that every penny spent is accounted for, especially when it comes to marketing. But unless you have clear, measurable strategy in place it’s easy to push your resources money in the wrong direction, fire blindly into the void and completely miss your target audience.

So how do you ensure that your marketing is not only bringing in the right type of business, but actually generating a significant return of investment on what you have spent on it?

Revolution 4.0 director Nik often asks a business, “Are you spending your marketing budget effectively?  Do you have defined marketing campaigns where results can be measured in terms of ROI?

Nik Ellis Justine McLaughlin Revolution Four

Justine McLaughlin & Nik Ellis

Getting rid of tactics and strategies that don’t show positive ROI is never a bad idea, but ultimately, every business needs some form of marketing in order to attract customers and generate revenue.

Plus if you’re one of the many business owners looking to do so in a cost-effective way then you will need an effective marketing strategy that fits your budget, and a team that knows how to implement that strategy to its best potential.

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