With many businesses adopting a relaxed or casual dress code these days it is becoming increasingly difficult to know what to wear to impress at a first job interview.

Even businesses with a relaxed dress code prefer candidates to dress ‘smartly’ for their first interview. But how smart is smart?

R4 Director Nik Ellis said, “Having employed several hundred people & interviewed in the thousands, as an employer we make an initial first impression within the first 7 to 30 seconds of an interview, so it is crucially important you look the part.”

What to wear at a job interview

Justine & Nik from Revolution Four

So here’s some tips….

What do you know about the company? 

Surely our first tip must be to check out their company website and social media. Simply taking a little time out of your day to look into the company’s culture isn’t too much to ask, right? 

You can easily gage how corporate they are. Look at their “about us” page, do they have photos or social media which will give you a better idea of the dress code. This will certainly bode well during your interview if the employer knows you have taken the time to read up on their values- great job, you have ticked box number one. 


What look are you aiming for? 

The sky is the limit. Going into your interview firstly, well prepared and knowledgeable is priceless but having that go to outfit that gives you the confidence to show off your fantastic skills is always a bonus. 

Do we not all have that bold blazer that makes us feel we can conquer anything? Throw that on and show them wat you’re made of! You don’t always have to follow the crowd, be yourself – they want to go get to know the real you. 

Comfort? Push yourself outside of your comfort zone! This is a new opportunity, a new adventure which definitely deserves a little more attention than your usual weekend hoodie? Once you do your research, you will straight away get a feel for what is appropriate dress code for your interview.

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Weather worries?

So, let’s be clear, in an ideal world we wouldn’t have to worry about the weather although this is the UK we are talking about… we don’t want to be worried about the weather when we have a job interview!

When we tend to be stressed or worried, we can get hot and flustered- although getting to the interview might not be so warm. Should this make much of a difference?

What to wear for an interview

You should still be able to achieve the appropriate look for your interview without worrying too much about the weather. Wearing a smart coat/jacket for a casual or corporate interview is great- you won’t be over or under dressed- plus, you will be taking this off once you arrive. 

Again, depending on the industry you’re looking for a job in will depend on your dress code. Corporate tends to be the darker colours generally speaking, greys, blues and blacks although a little pop of colour can’t do any harm. Keep it sensible, remember irrespective of the role they are still prospective employers. 


So, What’s the conclusion? 

Be prepared, from head to toe. Simply look presentable, polished and poised. Bring along a copy of your CV and/or your certificates. It’s the little things that sometimes make the biggest difference. Do your research, know your stuff and keep it smart. 

P.S. have you ironed that shirt?


With huge thanks to Lucia from Lacuna Recruitment for her recruitment & interview technique expertise.

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