4 Steps to Successfully Rebranding Your Business


Rebranding goes way beyond making superficial changes to colours and logos. It’s about getting to the core of what you stand for and modifying your brand accordingly.

Has your vision for the future changed? Do you want to appeal to a new demographic? Perhaps you’re looking to recover from a PR faux pas. It happens! Whatever your reason for evolution, we’re here to help you take those next steps in style.

1. Reflect and re-think

Self-awareness is the key to success. Start with some introspection and you’ll avoid trying to fix something that ain’t broken.

What’s working right now? What isn’t? What do you want your new identity to be?

Revisit your mission, vision and values. Think about your big “why”.

You may need to re-establish this first as it’s the driving force behind every part of your business.

It might be tempting to “skip to the good part” (aka the creative bit). Don’t! Complete this exercise before investing any time and money into the logistics of the rebrand.

2. Research and audit

Talk to your employees and customers via focus groups and surveys. Gather their ideas, concerns and feelings about your products or services, brand story and reputation.

How do they see you? Does your offering meet the right needs? Do you want to pivot to reach new people?

Next, it’s time to measure the market. Has the industry shifted? Where do you fit?

This research will help you align your updated brand with your ideal customers and create solid buyer personas to work from.

Document the required changes and make a plan. Be realistic about what you can achieve and reach out for professional support if needed (you don’t have to battle with branding by yourself!).

3. Update your brand

Now it’s time to revamp all your visual brand assets. Make the revisions across every touchpoint, including your website, email, social media, office signage, business cards, print collateral, sales presentations and more.

At the same time, set your brand voice and keep your new messaging consistent. Ensure everyone is communicating about your brand in the same way – even staff that don’t have customer-facing roles (they’re also brand ambassadors!).

Make sure every team member feels included so they can get excited about the change.

This energy will then infuse into their conversations with sales leads and customers too.

4. Launch with gusto

Woohoo! It’s time to spread the word both internally and externally.

Keep your customers informed by scheduling email broadcasts and posting social media shoutouts that tell the story. You could even do a few pieces of teaser content beforehand to bring them on the journey.

Let people know the reason behind your rebrand so you can maintain trust and transparency.

Remember to focus on how the rebrand will benefit your customers, NOT why you love your new pastel colour palette.

You could also consider hosting a launch party to celebrate with your staff. This will help build the hype and mark the beginning of a new season for your business.

Words of wisdom

Our final tip? Collect feedback from your target audience and analyse the impact of the rebrand on your bottom line to ensure you haven’t alienated your customers (an easy mistake to make!).

And remember, while rebranding is a big commitment, it’s also the start of an exciting new phase of your business. Do the job right and you can look forward to re-engaged customers, reinvigorated employees and a consistent flow of hot new leads.

Does the thought of rebranding alone make you want to run for the hills? Then let’s get together, we know the process inside out and have given countless businesses the benefit of fresh eyes on their brand. We’d love to help you too.


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