4 ways to get customers to love your brand


Cultivating loyal customers who become brand advocates is the holy grail for any business. Create a community around your brand and you can enjoy repeat business, word of mouth referrals (the best kind of advertising), and an increased lifetime customer value.

But what can you do to turn your hard won customers into  enthusiastic brand ambassadors?

Reducing your customer churn rate by just 5% can boost profitability by 25% to 95%.” (Harvard Business Review)

Building customer loyalty is not easy; it takes time, creativity and consistency. We’ve talked about the customer journey before, so now we’re going to extend that customer journey beyond the sale.

In this article, we’re highlighting four things you can do to delight your customers and build a loyal brand following.

1. Create an experience, not just a product or service

It’s not enough to provide an amazing product or service anymore. Customers expect more, they expect a seamless, customer-focused brand experience.

We’ve all encountered outstanding customer service, the kind of experience that makes us feel an emotional connection with the brand. A connection we don’t forget and will form the basis of future purchases.

We may already like the product, but more than this we know we’re going to be looked after – and we all like to be looked after, right?

A great way to create an emotional connection with your customers is by humanising your brand.

The advantage that smaller businesses have over faceless organisations, is the ability to create an authentic brand story that people can relate to. To feel connected with the face behind the name. Humanising your brand helps you build a community that encourages brand advocacy.

2. Let’s stay in touch

You should already be running social media and email campaigns to promote our business, but how good are you at using these same channels to build brand loyalty?

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach prospects and existing customers alike, providing the opportunity to offer valuable content and build relationships at scale.

But hold on! Don’t just send generic ‘one size fits all’ email messages — make them relevant and timely. You can use valuable buyer journey data to personalise your content. This will go a long way to maintaining your customer’s interest and advocacy.

Having an active social media presence is a great way to engage with your customers, through posts, shares, comments and even direct messages (DMs if you’re down with the kids).

Be creative and be consistent. Make your content relevant, interactive, interesting, helpful, fun and maybe even controversial – but always be on message with your brand vision and personality.

3. Excel at being helpful

We all know how important customer service is, we’ve all experienced the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Done right, customer support is an opportunity – an often overlooked secret weapon to unlock loyalty and drive revenue.

So, what does good customer support look like? How do you provide helpful content to clients on a regular basis – and how can you deliver excellent customer care?

Here’s a pretty solid 3 part plan.

a) Be proactively helpful. Publish blog articles and social posts designed to educate your customers.

We all like to learn something new, especially if it will save us a bob or two. This not only keeps you top of mind when they’re ready to buy again, it will also address potential customer questions before they arise.

b) Provide well thought through FAQs and knowledge base. Most customers will try to resolve issues themselves before making contact with you, so make answers easy to find from your website.

Assume nothing (we all know where assumptions get us), provide as much direction as possible in order to cater for every customer’s knowledge level.

c) Make it easy to get in touch. We’ve all had the frustrating experience of going from page to page trying to find a way to make contact with a customer care representative.

A chatbot can be a great way to combine the last two points. Customers have the opportunity to search your knowledge base before selecting to chat with a representative. The chatbot technology keeps the customer informed and provides follow-up correspondence.

Additionally, asking your customers for their feedback can be a great (and sometimes brutal) way to learn how you can improve.

4. Make it easy to share your stuff

What is the first thing we do when we come across an excellent customer experience? We share it, right?!

All the above will definitely create an organic referral program. However, to encourage your brand advocates to do their thing, make it as easy as possible to share your content, promotions and deals.

Additionally, use incentives and rewards to prompt sharing from the more reserved shopper. The incentive can be anything from a discount on their next purchase, a voucher or a free gift, but it must be something that makes them feel special.

Be consistent, patience and authentic

It is possible to build customer loyalty and create brand advocates, but it takes time, thoughtful engagement, and authentic human interactions.

Remember, brand loyalty is a two-way street, where both your customers and you must commit to the process to make it successful.

So, keep it real and don’t expect things to happen over night. However, creating a company culture that consistently puts the customer first, will turn them into brand advocates who will sing your praises time after time.

Get in touch if you need help building customer loyalty, we’re here to help.


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