6 Ways Graphic Design Can Help Improve Your Business

Graphic Design

So, what does it mean? Well coming from a fellow Graphic Designer, I can say that Design is in everything, it is the foundation of every business. Without design there can be no marketing or branding. Without branding then who are you?

Identity within a business is what separates you from the crowd. Did you know there is an 80% increase in brand recognition with a coloured logo design? Is your logo currently in colour?

If you feel like you are struggling to keep up to date with the current trends, maybe you have had the same logo now for your family business for over 25 years. Or maybe it is simpler than that and you just want some nifty little tips to help you stay ahead of the game?

Whatever it is, I have put together 6 Ways Graphic Design Can Help Improve Your Business that are guaranteed to help propel your business in the direction you want to go.


An individual and unique Logo establishes credibility, creates brand recognition and firmly positions your company within the marketplace. Whether you are starting a new business and struggling to come up with an idea for your first logo or looking at redesigning your current logo, you must ensure that the Logo conveys what your business is about as simply as possible.

A unique method for this can be, ‘Negative Space’ the use of blank or white space within a logo can be used to create an additional image within the logo.

A logo must be simple and memorable. It does not have to be all bells and whistles.

Leave the logo design to the professionals but advise them in the direction you would like to go but leave some creative room as trust me we know what we are doing.


I will be honest, if you do not have a website in 2020 you could be missing out on hundreds if not thousands of unique visitors finding your business and becoming your potential new customers.

I’ve heard it before from businesses that don’t have websites, “I don’t have enough content for my website. “I currently haven’t budgeted photography in my business strategy or P&L reports.” “I have a Facebook page surely that’s enough?”

With so many options and accessibility when it comes to either having a website built for you or creating your own it seems almost crazy to not have one but so many businesses still do not.

So, my advice to you would be to spend that little extra cash and get yourself your own website. It does not have to be the flashiest website in the world, it just needs to showcase what your business offers and provide information that your customers need. For it to serve its purpose, it needs to be on-brand and well-designed.

Websites generally have better engagement when the use of imagery is shown but it does not have to be your own. Many websites use stock imagery on their sites and that is totally fine. But as your business grows, I would suggest gathering a collection of images even if they are taken on your phone as long as they are of reasonable quality, they will be fine. Having your own added personal touch when these images are shown is just creating more transparency between you and your customers.


Ahh! Expensive right? Wrong. The largest form of advertising is sat right in your pocket. Social Media is bigger than ever, and it is completely free. So, get posting about whatever you want and have fun with it!

If you want to take it an extra step further and target these social media posts to a specific demographic or just increase overall reach across the platform then chuck a few pennies towards your social media platform of choice and monitor engagement.

Other forms of advertising can get very expensive but if you have the money to invest into it the potential is huge! Here are some options, local paper, radio, attending or hosting events, posters, window displays etc. The list goes on so get out there and advertise yourself!

Packaging Design

So, for those of you that have physical products, is your packaging design reflective of your business? If you are a food business have you taken the time to create branding around items that might not necessarily need it? For example, I have a local food deli place near to me and they have taken the liberty of creating branded packaged boxes for their food items. They did not need to do this, I could have got handed a plain cardboard box but because they did that, that has resonated with me and shown professionalism and I am now a returning customer.

Or what about making all your stationery in your office have your branding on it? I know from experience that being handed a pen with the companies’ logo and name displayed again shows professionalism and that they care about how their business is conveyed.

Colour Palette

Colour Palette ideally should come from your logo or follow suite from some form of branding within your company. Knowing your colour palette and sticking with it throughout your website, packaging and social media will provide consistency across your business and allow everything to always relate back to the brand. You may not realise it but colour can be very powerful for your business. So, identify what colours represent well and ensure you stick with them throughout every piece of media or advertising you create.

Fonts / Typography

If your logo contains a subheading or your logo is the name of your business, it is essential that the font used remains a part of all your branding. Sometimes fonts get modified during the logo creation or a font just might not be able to be identified and this is okay. If you establish either a set of fonts or weights within a font family, this will allow consistency across your business. And remember that this is to be used everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Email signatures, letter headings, packaging, website text etc. Wherever a piece of text can go or is needed to be used then make sure to use your font.


So, in summary this is just 6 of the many ways that you can use Graphic Design to help your business. Remember that Logo design just needs to be simple and concise. Do not overthink it.

Get that website made if you do not have one, I see you and for the love of design get posting on social media we want to see you!

I hope you found these tips useful and be sure to check out our other blog posts.

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