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Ambassador Scheme | The Power of Collaboration

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.

Celebrated merchant John Wanamaker is credited with the above phrase. The traditional model of marketing was to speculate on a particular media and hope that some it would reach the right demographic. Some adverts worked, others fell on stoney ground.

So in 2019 how does a company stand out against the myriad of adverts and noise out there and ensure that their message reaches the right people? Revolution Four director, Nik Ellis said “Whilst we continue to use traditional marketing methods, mainly for brand awareness, we thought we’d disrupt this model by paying for what we actually wanted; a genuine customer. After all that’s why we advertise; to reach out to people who actually want our products and services.”

To achieve this they considered and analysed the various forms of marketing and focused on the best and arguably most effective form of advertising, word of mouth. They set up an Ambassador Scheme as a way to thank and reward people who recommend them. Originally this started on a casual basis with their existing clients who were passing their details to fellow businesses.

Digital Director, Justine McLaughlin said “We wanted to let them know how much we appreciated their kind gesture.  We love collaborating with other businesses in this way and we often send potential clients back their way.”

As it grew to friends and family it made sense to open this up to the good people of the Wirral and thus the scheme was born.

Their scheme works on two levels. Nik explained “It’s hugely important to us that a person likes what we do and feels completely comfortable to recommend us. When they introduce us to a business who subsequently gives us an order, we pay a referral fee of 10% of the client’s invoice. It works well, for example, with friends on the likes of Facebook looking for recommendations. They simply tag us in & we do the rest; if it leads to a sale, we pay commission.”

Ambassador Scheme Accreditation Program

New for 2019 is their accreditation programme for the Ambassador Scheme. This allows someone to supplement their income on a different level, effectively becoming a freelance member of Revolution Four squad.

Justine said “They join our team for a day to learn about some of our incredible solutions we provide to local businesses. We empower them with the confidence, skills & tools required to turn an occasional recommendation into a regular complementary salary.”

The Accredited Ambassador Scheme has now launched so the team are looking to onboard new members this year. There is no set amount of time that’s required making this ideal for people who have a bit of spare time on their hands.

Nik said “It’s a great compromise of having all the benefits of being your own boss whilst still having the support, offices & power of a professional company”.

If this sounds interesting, Nik & Justine are happy to have a (no obligation) chat over a coffee or glass of wine. 

Drop a line to or call 0151 348 7044 


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