Look!  It’s an Animation!

They say a picture paints a thousand words & for many years media, whether traditional or digital, have taken advantage of this benefits.  There are mere milliseconds to grab a viewers attention, so the instant message that a picture portrays is so much more effective than a headline.  Now take that to the next level with an animation and you’ll set yourself ahead of the competition.

Using Animation in a Marketing Strategy

Not only is animation one of the quickest ways to grab someone’s attention, it’s one of the easiest ways for a brand to convey a message.  From a simple point to explaining complex concepts, animation is visually appealing and cost effective.

Explainer Animation

A very common tool in the marketers tool box, an animation explainer conveys a message that may take thousands of words to be understood.  They tend to follow a format, starting with demonstrating the problem, presenting the solution and how it works.  Some also include a call to action.  They need to be 30 – 60 seconds long if they’re to be used on social media channels, perhaps a little longer for a more complex explainer or when embedded in a website.

Animations are versatile so can be used across social media, as part of a presentation, within a website; we’ve even seen them used in tender presentations.  They help people understand your brand, giving them a feel of your culture or ethos and leading them towards your products or services.

3D animations can give realism to products and there are some excellent examples; Apple give animation centre stage to show off their phones.  It allows potential purchasers a clear view of what they are purchasing; something lost from physical shops.

“I am thoroughly delighted with the results of the design work undertaken by Revolution Four. They have delivered on the design brief and achieved the creation of a brand image that conveys the message the business is aiming to portray.”

Christopher White
Chairman & Chief Executive
Prasidium Wealth Preservation

Other Animations

Micro Animations are inexpensive but highly effective in guiding the user using moving visual prompts.  You’ll often experience this hovering over social media icons, such as Facebook’s range of reaction emojis.  They’re also handy to use where space is limited, helping users find their way around a website.

Animated videos are often interjected into live action video to add some interest, break up talks and explain products or services visually.  They add a great air or professionalism to video or podcasts.

As marketers we realise the value of an animation within a marketing strategy and understand just how powerful it can prove.  It works from the very initial hook, through to onboarding help & explainer videos post purchase.

With powerful creative software available now, the cost of animations has plummeted, making it one of the most cost effective creative solutions available to marketers right now.  

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