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Content Marketing is essential to keeping your brand alive, relevant and exciting. Once considered a new marketing technique with little known about its value, now it’s slowly become the backbone to every marketing strategy.

Content marketing covers a variety of techniques with the main aim to ensure traffic is being driven to your website of high quality and more importantly, relevance. It’s a good way of keeping your current audience engaged but also a way of attracting new customers to your brand and your website.

When creating a content marketing strategy there are two keys things to keep at the forefront of your mind. Your ideal customer firstly; who is this, what tone of voice is used to attract them and what styling of marketing would be suited to them?  As well as your ideal customer the most important of the two to focus on is Google.  Their algorithms change regularly regarding their need to see your content and get it in front of the right people.  You need to be fully aware of these and ensure that your content is relevant, engaging but still fulfilling the expectations of Google for the best return.

Online Presence

Content marketing builds your business reputation online.  Viewers are served up with a range of content in form of blog posts, videos, infographics, presentations and social media posts. Offering value in this way, we not only entice the viewer, we begin to build brand trust. The importance of content marketing relates to its ability to increase the volume of quality traffic to your website.

Content is king in creating awareness and generating quality leads which sustains healthy sales growth. Strategised and properly executed content has the power to pull your audience to your business’ website, which is ultimately the place where they will convert into leads and then sales.

At Revolution Four we pride ourselves in creating unique content and campaigns for all our clients with demonstrated success. With several years experience coupled with contemporaneous algorithm knowledge, we have adapted with the times and understood not only our client’s needs when it comes to engaging with businesses or customers and its relevance, but we can maximise success with a wealth of research into the industry and competitors.

With any content marketing strategy comes the benefit of natural backlinks to our client’s website. When we launch any campaign whether it be brand awareness social posts or industry worthy infographics, we aim to make the content so relevant that other relevant and authoritative sites share our content and link to our client’s site. Off the back of this, Google will recognise our client as a trusted source of fresh and unique content and will praise the site.

In short, content is key across all platforms and every word a ‘brick in the wall’ for Google, that is not saying the more content the better. The relevance of the content is much more important along with its placement. There is a lot to think about; thats where we come in.  Sometimes its much more easier to focus on what you do best and let us work our magic alongside you for the best return.

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