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The Perfect Email Signature of 2020

An email signature doesn’t seem like an important element to consider whilst developing your brand but your signature influences people’s perception of you, in some cases the first impression you may have with a potential client. Whether you are replying…

Why We’re Google Analytics Certified

Google Analytics is the most widely used analytical tool on the web. If used correctly it can help both the biggest and smallest business make the most out of their marketing efforts and initiatives. Since it’s a free service anybody…

Revolution Four turns 2!

Can you believe it, we’re 2 years old? Time to pop the champers! 🍾🥂 2 years ago, we decided to rebrand and cut the apron strings from our incubator Whitfield Business Support. Since then we have grown, gained new technology,…

Individually Together

We may have copied… er… I mean been inspired by another image, but we really wanted a way to show our support for our wonderful NHS. We thought this was a lovely way for us to demonstrate that, individually together.…

Wait, It’s Not Finished!

Our web development team at Revolution Four have spent some of lockdown building a new website, relatively undisturbed by the current situation. Provided they have a laptop with an internet connection, they could work on the top of a mountain,…

Unprecedented Days Deserve a Fresh Approach

The planet has caught a virus. We’re shutting it down and then we’re going to reboot it. Unlike a computer, 2020 v2 will look very different. This is the biggest shake up since the war. We don’t truly know how…
Unprecedented Days Deserve a Fresh Approach | Revolution Four
Social Media

Social Media During Lockdown

There’s not much prospering during this Coronavirus lockdown, but social media is bucking the trend. Whilst most industries have unfortunately furloughed their employees, social media managers have been on fire. With a large proportion of the country sitting at home…
Social Media During Lockdown | Revolution Four

Two Months of Free Radio Advertising

Pretty much everyone’s at home now. That’s half a million people on the Wirral and surrounding areas. Radio has never had such a big audience. Who are these people? They’re buyers, company directors, purchasers, clients; they’re not buying right now,…
radio wirral two months free advertising

A Rainbow of Hope for Businesses

Since the UK went into lockdown, which seems a lifetime ago, as a matter of necessity to stop the spread of COVID-19 they have also impacted on communication between one another. All be it we are in isolation but for…
A Rainbow of Hope for Businesses NHS COVID-19 Coronavirus