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Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns of All Time

Successful marketing campaigns have the power to stir up emotions and influence us on how we think about things. They entice us to buy or sign up to a product depending on the nature of the campaign. We have seen…

Launch Control

For many people a business idea is born in the midst of frustration during a situation or process. In some cases the need for a product or service, sparks the idea. Knowing where to start developing that idea into a…

Bypass the Digital Traffic Jams

As a team we often hear people investing money into advertising to get a return, often hitting a brick wall as their traffic numbers are soaring but failing to convert into actual sales. Websites can be a headache for many…

Mowgli Trust Dog Show

After a couple of years off (apparently there was some pandemic) we saw the return to Claremont Farm for the third Mowgli Trust Dog Show. As part of Revolution Four’s sponsorship we were given the opportunity to judge one of…
Mowgli Dog Show Wirral
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Paid Adverts

Paid Advert Algorithms – don’t try to cheat the system We have all noticed a decline in organic engagement across social media platforms from not seeing posts updating regularly to seeing the same posts multiple times. However there has been…
Paid Adverts
Graphic Design

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Animation

It’s entertaining and fun Static images can be engaging and convey great messages but there’s nothing quite like watching a short video that makes you feel some form of emotion or captivates you. It’s known that a lot of users…
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The Wirral Life Halloween Ball

After two pandemic false start attempts at a summer ball we are delighted to announce the Wirral Life team have organised a Halloween Ball on Friday 29th October 2021 to be held in the beautiful setting of the walled garden…

Why your website shouldn’t be perfect

Any designer, developer, inventor or entrepreneur will know that making something perfect can extend its development process exponentially. There’s always something that can be improved upon and once that’s done there’ll be something else. The cycle will forever repeat itself.…
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Are you content with your Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is essential to keeping your brand alive, relevant and exciting. Once considered a new marketing technique with little known about its value, now it’s slowly become the backbone to every marketing strategy. Content marketing covers a variety of…