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Has logo design fallen FLAT on its face?

Logo Design in 2021 It is a known fact that companies throughout their trading history will invest in logo design updates and rebrands, to ensure their identity remains a reflection of the society the company exists within, as well as…
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How an Extreme Rebrand Had Such a Dramatic Effect

Revolution Four is a strong brand, clearly defined across digital and traditional media and echoed within our offices. As a marketing agency, the brand oozes creativity, technical prowess and left field thinking, which has led to client wins both in…
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5 of the Biggest Rebrands of 2019

Rebranding one of the most famous entertainment companies in the world is no mean feat. So, when Warner Bros. enlisted the help of UK-based design agency Pentagram to overhaul their visual identity, they had their work cut out for them.

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Marketing Campaigns of 2018 | Our Favourites

As we draw towards the end of the year, we have a tendency to produce lists; top films, music, toys, etc which got us thinking about our favourite marketing campaigns. What adverts caught our eye, which ones annoyed us and…
Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns of 2018