Wirral Wolves on the hunt for Entrepreneurs

We’re delighted to announce that the Wirral Wolves are back for 2021 and on the hunt for budding entrepreneurs. Inspired by TV’s Dragon’s Den, Nik, Justine & their team are inviting people to pitch their fledgling businesses or ideas to…
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What does a great leader look like today?

‘The person who leads or commands a group, organisation, or country’; the dictionary definition of a leader.  My opinion of a leader in fact, at least a great leader, has a much deeper meaning to it. Being a great leader isn’t…

The Perfect Match

Today marks the start of our ‘The Perfect Match’ Campaign. Unintentionally launching in line with the start of LGBT+ History month so what a better time to highlight that just like in the world of Love, there is a service…
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The Art Of Collaboration

Why Do We Build Collaborative Partnerships? I always wondered why people teaching business studies at collages weren’t making use of their knowledge & building business empires.  I have the greatest respect for teachers but business is one of those subjects…
Justine McLaughlin & Nik Ellis Collaborative Marketing

Thinking Like A Start-Up Is Key To Lockdown Success

Start-up companies, by their very nature, are agile, risk-taking & tech savvy, which tends to be the opposite of large traditional companies. The problem with being conservative is that time is ticking and a business pontificating will soon be undermined…
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Enhance your Customer Service from your Mobile

Did you know that one of the leading attributes for repeat business is excellent customer service? It is common knowledge that effective communication between businesses and consumers can; help built trust with a brand, support regular updates, enhance transparency during…
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Taking Your Business Online

During the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer’s behaviour with regards to purchasing online are changing. We have all embraced social distancing which has caused a mass decrease in brick-and-mortar shopping. Consumers are turning towards online shopping for items they might have otherwise…
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Revolution Four turns 2!

Can you believe it, we’re 2 years old? Time to pop the champers! ?? 2 years ago, we decided to rebrand and cut the apron strings from our incubator Whitfield Business Support. Since then we have grown, gained new technology,…