LGBT+ History Month

The 1st Feb recognises LGBT+ History month; to acknowledge the month we have adapted our logo with an aim to promote equality and diversity. This years’ theme is Mind, Body and Spirit. This month-long observance was founded in 1994 and…
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What’s got us going nutty this December?

With the world being thrown into a tumble for almost the entire year business marketing campaigns have lacked energy, vigour, fun and excitement. We have all been bombarded with desperate pleas from businesses to help support them, in some cases…
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Reskill? Why not skill in the first place?

The government expects the arts, leisure and hospitality industries to retrain in technology, despite failing to provide even basic IT teaching within the UK’s schools. Our response to the ‘fury over governments campaign’ which in our eyes is just the…
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Individually Together

We may have copied… er… I mean been inspired by another image, but we really wanted a way to show our support for our wonderful NHS. We thought this was a lovely way for us to demonstrate that, individually together.…

A Rainbow of Hope for Businesses

Since the UK went into lockdown, which seems a lifetime ago, as a matter of necessity to stop the spread of COVID-19 they have also impacted on communication between one another. All be it we are in isolation but for…
A Rainbow of Hope for Businesses NHS COVID-19 Coronavirus
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Radio Wirral Launches

Revolution Four have partnered with radio legends to launch a new radio station for the Wirral. Radio Wirral has been set up to serve the residents of the Wirral & beyond, wanting to be involved in the culture and community…
Radio Wirral Launch