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Website + Digital Marketing = Perfect Match

Think about where your nearest McDonalds is situated. Is it hidden down a back street or in a prominent & obvious position? The vast majority of successful high street businesses are highly visible in great spots with plenty of surrounding…

Embrace the Festivities

2020 has been a year that has forced businesses around the globe to rethink the way in which they market themselves. Traditional high street stores have relied heavily on online sales, restaurants have adapted to serve their customers whilst adhering…
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What’s got us going nutty this December?

With the world being thrown into a tumble for almost the entire year business marketing campaigns have lacked energy, vigour, fun and excitement. We have all been bombarded with desperate pleas from businesses to help support them, in some cases…

Is your business on the line or online?

The Pandemic Challenge Between lockdown, tiers and circuit breakers, it’s been challenging to steer a business through such stormy waters. Out of chaos comes opportunity and we’ve seen some amazing metamorphosis of businesses transitioning from the high street to online.…
Revolution Four keeping businesses open online
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The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Business Marketing has been changing over the last few years but the pandemic has really catalysed the shift to more online strategies.  The days of sending bulk emails or trying to get through to a decision-maker…
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Unprecedented Days Deserve a Fresh Approach

The planet has caught a virus. We’re shutting it down and then we’re going to reboot it. Unlike a computer, 2020 v2 will look very different. This is the biggest shake up since the war. We don’t truly know how…
Unprecedented Days Deserve a Fresh Approach | Revolution Four