Nik Ellis & Justine McLaughlin are looking for the perfect match to join their team

Do you consider yourself adventurous?

By Nik Ellis

The Challenge

It is often said that your people are the most important asset in a company.  I half agree.  It’s the right people that are critical, that perfect match.  That person who compliments & adds to you & the team in a positive way.  Someone who wants to come on the business adventure with you. What defines the right person is an imperative concept to explore and understand with regards to your business.

The Right Person

Akin to dating, there are a myriad of factors that make up the right fit.  Like a jigsaw, the fit must work both ways; a mutually beneficial relationship.  In our business we value factors like energy, going that extra mile, getting shit done, wanting to wow clients, being innovative or creative, a great ethos, etc.  Thinking outside the box is such a cliche but we can’t get enough of someone who questions routine & asks whether it can be done more efficiently.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” wow, if we all thought like that we’d still be riding horses.  We respect people who are brutally honest with themselves & clear & sincere in their dealings.

A person with an energetic, achieving & positive attitude towards work is invaluable to us, so we completely understand that we should be as good to them in return,  Moreover, we really want to look after them.  Skills can be taught, attitude can’t.  We should put as much effort & consideration into acquiring employees as we do clients.

It’s not about wearing a suit, coming in at 8am, that corporate hamster wheel, we’re about achieving results; so we work when we want, wear whatever, bring our dogs to work, drink wine now & again in work; whatever makes us comfy & in the best headspace to fulfil our missions.

So how do we ensure that we’re the right fit for them?  Everyone’s different, so this boils down to communication; rather than assumptions.

We did a anonymous survey with our teams & discovered that whilst renumeration was high on their wants, benefits such as personal development including training, progression & mentorship, job security, flexible working in terms of hours, annual leave & the ability to work from home, even covering the cost of health care and life insurance, were all highly valued, often over their basic salary.  We’re all individual so different people have differing priorities.

Some of this can be agreed at the negotiation stage of an interview but we’re open-minded & will add some of these benefits afterwards; not just after a pay review or appraisal but proactively to reward for great contributions.  The benefits of this are incredible.

Justine & I have had some incredible business adventures all over the world.  We’ve learnt an huge amount, developed personally & professionally, met some amazing people & been inspired by all sorts of people, ideas, talks, conferences & expos, tech… OK It’s not all positive all the time, but bad times lead to good, failures lead to learning.  Overall it’s been such a motivational & inspiring journey; we really want to share these experiences with someone with potential for adventure.

Finding The One

How do we find the right person, especially if they are hidden in plain view, an innocuous CV sitting amongst many.  We’ve discovered over the years that what we’re looking for is not on a CV; skills are listed but more subjective requirements; attitude, ethos & aptitude are ascertained when we meet them.  During the pandemic we had to adapt to Zoom interviews & we found people harder to read; not as much body language to be read for a start.  As digital advocates we still believe that some things are better done in person.

Do what you love at Revolution Four

I recall seeing recruitment guru, James Caan many years ago at a business event.  He believed that if you came across someone special, someone with the right attitude or ethos, that it was worth hiring them, irrespective of whether you currently had a position.  If they are that good they will soon find a way to benefit the company.  This struck a cord with me & is something I have practiced since.

What About You?

Our companies cover a wide range of disciplines from technology, digital marketing, sales, to automotive, insurance & legal.  We’re a very tech savvy group & with the exponential advancement in technology it’s sometimes hard to keep up.

Irrespective of any specific recruitment adverts we may have out, if you have skills in these areas, expertise in any of them, or even just think a bit differently and you’re really keen to develop, grow & help bring a company or team upwards, focusing on achievements with a supportive, motivational & dynamic team, then let’s meet; not an interview, a chat over a coffee (or wine) & see if we can build something great together.  The adventure all starts by clicking here…


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