Bypass the Digital Traffic Jams


As a team we often hear people investing money into advertising to get a return, often hitting a brick wall as their traffic numbers are soaring but failing to convert into actual sales. Websites can be a headache for many businesses however most companies understand the importance of having a digital presence and footprint. So why would you send people to a site that isn’t set up correctly? It would be like you trying to drive somewhere with the direct route but hitting loads of traffic, many people would just turn around or go elsewhere.

It’s a common misperception that by putting money into paid advertising you are guaranteed a return; we hear, ‘its a numbers game’ from a lot of people. Clients then try to adapt and tweak the paid advert if it’s generating traffic but not converting, adjust the graphics, targets or even budget. Unfortunately 90% of the time, what they fail to realise, is that their website is underperforming and in turn their traffic is being lost due to a plethora of reasons, in most case the advert is the least to blame.

We have recently had an influx in Revolution Four HQ with this very problem, so how do we bypass these traffic jams? The answer is to eliminate all the potential problems prior to investing money into paid advertising for the best chance of a return.

In order for us to develop the best outcome for our clients we provide a free health check which outlines the technical fixes of the back end of the website along with the front end aesthetic fixes to give their marketing the best chance of conversion when they decided to invest in a marketing budget. Eliminating all of these issues gives a business the best chance of conversion along with enhances the user experience portraying your brand to its best potential.

Following the upgrades, we work with clients to analyse the user journey and experience to pinpoint pain points with a service offering, product or customer journey to increase your return on investment with the use of analytics, heat maps and some awesome tech. We will be launching some case studies from some of our most recent clients shortly so keep your eyes peeled on the ‘our work’ section of the site.

Are you hitting a traffic jam? Struggling to convert your traffic? Let us generate a free digital health check for your site and outline your pain points.


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