Commercial Photography

The quality of a company’s imagery use says a lot about who they are, what they are capable of and how professional the business is. If the quality is poor, then it can be a real turn off for consumers. We provide professional, studio product and team photography to bring out the very best in your company, after all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Capturing Your Best Side

Whilst it is tempting to save money and take photos yourself or utilise stock imagery, nothing gives a better first impression than the real thing, the real environment and humanistic feel of physical examples taken by a professional photographer.

Business photography is there to bring the extra out of the ordinary, to show the personality and style of your brand (consistent with that of your identity) and produce visual representations which your customers can relate and engage with.

We have a professional photographic studio within our head office on the Wirral, satellite offices in Liverpool and London, plus we have a national network of qualified, creative photographers around the UK.

Every picture really should paint a thousand words.

The Revolution Four Way

Our in-house photography service allows us to design, shoot and edit the perfect solution for your business. We have experience across a broad range of photography genres, which ensures our approach and guidance is efficient, effective and professionally captures your business in it’s best possible light.

Ahead of the day of shooting your products or business, we will ensure that the brief and objectives are clearly defined and agreed upon, so that we are able to produce a range of shots and images which fulfil your needs and stun your customers.

The Process:


We sit down with you, develop a clear and concise brief, and list objectives, that you wish to achieve from the use of professional photography


Research is conducted into your competitors and the industry in general. As a result, we can then create a style or specific approach to your brand visual identity, helping you stand out from the crowd and be instantly recognised visually.


This is where the magic happens and the brand’s quality and personality is captured in the moment. Creative direction and project management is maintained throughout the shoot, keeping budgets in line and the finished results bang on brand

Edit & Finalise

Whilst we capture some stunning images and frames, it is through our editing processes where we can really polish and add a shine to your portfolio. This post-shoot phase is an opportunity to ensure consistency is maintained across the portfolio and also the chance to apply any additional elements to these images.

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Commercial & Website

In a world where your digital footprint is more important than the physical footfall that your business receives, your website needs to represent you in a way that makes you stand out from your competitors. A way to elevate yourself in a saturated market is to invest in high quality imagery for your products / services / venue.

Excellent photography shows that you believe in your service / product enough to commit to presenting it professionally, and you ensure people can visually see the results they are seeking whether that be purchasing a product or hiring you to carry out a service.

Lifestyle / Venue & Facilities

If you are a company that offers a physical service or that has facilities that your customers utilise, then lifestyle photography is a great way to showcase them. It lets your target market view your facilities being used and allows them to picture themselves doing the same activity.

E-commerce & Social Platforms

Product photography focuses on the quality of a single object (product) upon a crisp background, complimenting it’s features and benefits – visually or physically. Images taken from the shoot are re-touched and edited to ensure consistency, clarity and desirability are maintained, providing the best possible outcome which will encourage sales.

Unlike traditional product photography, e-commerce photography can also diversify to give users of a website an experience of the physical feel of the actual business’s shop or feel for the brands personality through the use of clever and complimentary backgrounds (or additional products from the range) or frame set ups. The overall aim here is to encourage user purchases and where possible to increase them with additional sales.

Portrait Photography

Whether its headshots, team shoots, families or even pets – we have worked with them all. Our friendly and professional photographer shall put you all at ease and create an enjoyable and relaxed experience from start to finish.

Shoots can be arranged at specific locations – with options to suit all requirements and budgets. Whether you prefer to shoot on-site or out at a particular location, we will ensure to run tests and set ups ahead of the shoot, so that on the day, time and resources are utilised efficiently; with minimal disruption to business.