Copywriting Services

Great copy builds brand familiarity, promotes thought leadership, evokes specific emotions in your audience and conveys key messaging to make your business memorable. Today content must be authentic and engaging for both human readers and search engines.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting isn’t just using complex language, stringing together various sentence structures and properly using punctuation, it is writing with purpose, encouraging a response or selling a product or service which engages with the target audience. Compelling copy takes your audience on a journey and converts them in a manner that you intended.

Successful copywriting can propel your brand into instant recognition. Combine this with eye-catching graphics and you have an unstoppable force of professional branding.

Copywriting Content Writing Creative User Experience SEO Technical Revolution Four Liverpool Wirral

The guys at Revolution Four really listened to what we wanted to get across to our customers. They spent some time getting to know our business and even meeting some of our tenants. The copy that they created for us was spot on and really captured our culture.

Types of Writing

Writing takes many forms, and it is important that copy is created not only with an audience in mind, but in a way which is most suitable for the environment it will be positioned within. Below we cover the types of writing we can support you with:


This refers to the long and short form of creating copy for advertising purposes. It should not only grab the attention of the reader, but it should persuade them to take action.

Content Writing

The popularity and importance of inbound content marketing has caused a surge in content writers to be needed. The difference here is the intent of informing, educating and entertaining, rather than advertising.

Creative Writing

This is where personality and voice is loud and clear. Life is injected into your brand and its heart beats strong.

User Experience (UX) Writing

A comprehensive user interface relies on clear and conversational writing to guide the user through a process, whilst also adding a human element or personality to their experience.

SEO Writing

Writing for search engines, like Google, is not a simple task. It relies on content to be written in a very specific way, which contributes towards part to a website’s overall ranking.

Technical Writing

There are many industries which require technical writers to curate their copy, to speak their specific language and  express the expert nature of their work. This generally involves a lot of prior research and practice to ensure writing is accurate and authentic.

Copywriting Content Writing Creative User Experience SEO Technical Revolution Four Liverpool Wirral

The Revolution Four Way

Nothing ruins a great project or campaign more than poorly constructed and uninspired copywriting. Our writing team have vast experience in crafting copy for a variety of mediums and a range of different styles. The team will meet and work closely with you to understand every aspect of your business and develop your brand identity, which is then guaranteed to build up customer trust and increase sales.

Take away the worries of your marketing falling short of the mark and let us focus and energise your copy.

The Process:


We immerse ourselves within your business, get to know you inside out, understand your brand personality and develop a tone which matches your business culture and vibe.


Whether your business requires specialist knowledge or a particular personal tone, we conduct competitor and industry research to identify gaps and opportunities in the market


Once we have all of the information we need, we begin crafting your copy and key messaging to the requirements of the medium and in a way which best engages and draws the attention of your target audience.


We continually monitor and adjust copy over time. As with any living thing, the environment in which a brand sits within changes. Therefore a business’s tone and personality should adapt to reflect and retain credibility, relevance and competitiveness within its market.