Effective Websites | 3 Important Features When Being Online

Effective Websites | 3 Important Features When Being Online

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Once upon a time, at the dawn of the internet’s popularity, many enlightened firms envisioned the commercial opportunities that the web presented. Some business owners decided that they wanted a website & approached a developer to build one. When asked what they wanted to achieve from their site, they didn’t have a clue; they just wanted a website because it was the thing to do – there was no consideration of what a website could really do for them back then as a business, or understanding or what the key to effective websites was.

Roll forward to 2019 and many developers have simply stopped asking what a company is expecting to achieve from their website & will just build a generic standardised site.  However a decent web builder will establish the expected results of a site right at the very start.

Effective websites can be used for a variety of reasons; as a supplementary or stand alone sales channel, as an online brochure for the company, sometimes as a recruitment tool demonstrating the benefits of working at a company, as an information board.  There’s loads of uses, often multiple reasons to have a website but it’s imperative that these are established early doors. 

The Best Ingredients of a Website

The best websites contain a combination of three components.  They must be technically competent, visually beautiful with effective marketing elements.

Website visitors are fickle & expect an excellent user experience.  Clear navigation with no jargon is essential and must be consistent throughout the pages.  The site must flow logically from the initial landing page through to the final interaction.  It must be fast and have no frustrating glitches.

It is estimated that mobile is now used for online purchasing more than desktop, so a fully mobile responsive site is obligatory.

Simple, clean visuals, nothing too cluttered, with two or three of the brands’ colours used in balance throughout.  Pictures paint a thousand words and are really effective, often under-utilised asset.  Great photography & meaningful subjects are key to a beautiful website.

The site must be found, so a marketeer should work alongside a developer to ensure a strong search engine optimisation.  It’s all very well having a pretty looking website but if it’s lost in the depths of the web, then it doesn’t help a company make money.

So what makes an effective website is having these correct elements working in harmony to achieve the anticipated results.  A blend of tech, marketing and cosmetics ensure an efficient and enjoyable user experience.

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