Embrace the Festivities


2020 has been a year that has forced businesses around the globe to rethink the way in which they market themselves. Traditional high street stores have relied heavily on online sales, restaurants have adapted to serve their customers whilst adhering to strict COVID safe regulations and a business’s digital presence has never been more crucial.

Whilst we still find ourselves amid a global pandemic, it’s likely that Christmas 2020 could be a shadow of its former self. Festive shopping on the high streets may not be allowed, winter activities such as visiting grottos, ice skating and Christmas markets may also be prohibited – but it’s not all doom and gloom!

The public have been using their smart devices; laptops, mobiles, tablets to stay connected and retain a sense of normality during these unprecedented times. Digital platforms have become prominent in everyday life and even more so during the festive period. A way in which businesses can spread festive cheer is through their online platforms; giving people that sense of Christmas merriment in the safety of their homes.

There are several ways that businesses can embrace the festivities, market themselves efficiently and spread glee all at once – and it relies on inventive online solutions. Here are just a few:

Turn your website into a winter wonderland!

There is no doubt that most consumers will do their Christmas shopping online this year (if they haven’t done already) so why not make it an experience that creates a lasting impression. Just as many physical stores will decorate their premises for November / December, online Ecommerce stores can also transform their platform into a winter wonderland, enhancing the festive online shopping experience.

A few methods to achieve this are;

  • Swap your logo out for a more festive temporary version
  • Add Christmas themed visuals throughout your website
  • Include an interactive activity on your website that people can have fun with
  • Include festive banners with holiday greetings from your business
  • Decorate your ‘Meet the Team’ page with novelty Christmas wear

12 Days of Christmas Social Media Campaign

Social media has seen a large surge in activity since lockdown began and is the most effective method to market your business for almost all industries. Shoehorning in campaigns alongside countdown incentives can help increase engagement – generating brand exposure and ultimately drive sales. The concept of a festive countdown also instils excitement and leaves a lasting impression. Some ideas you can include in a ’12 days of Christmas countdown’ are;

  • Discounts on services or products
  • Holiday giveaways
    Promotions including a gift when you purchase a specific product
  • Decorate your social profiles including profile pictures and banners
  • Personalise relevant Christmas hashtags to encourage engagement
  • Run Christmas competitions that incorporate your product or service i.e. send in your best festive makeup looks for beauty related accounts
  • Host Live Videos which incorporate festival tutorials or how to guides. Something which fits your product or service.

Decorative Designs & Merry Marketing

Another way to spread cheer is to include an element of festivity throughout your digital and print marketing. Some ways to achieve this are;

  • Add Christmas elements to your visuals
  • Send a Christmas card from your business to your clients (this can work very well for businesses that rely heavily on physical interaction such as hairdressers / beauticians)
  • Create Christmas gift vouchers that consumers can use when lockdown is relaxed
  • Include festive blogs that are relevant to your industry or that can promote your products i.e. 10 perfect gifts for your secret Santa

Should you require help with any festive marketing then please don’t hesitate to call or email us, we look forward to ensuring your business makes the most of the festive period and spread Christmas joy after a turbulent year.


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