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Did you know that one of the leading attributes for repeat business is excellent customer service? It is common knowledge that effective communication between businesses and consumers can; help built trust with a brand, support regular updates, enhance transparency during delivery giving the customer a point of contact throughout. Effective communication helps a business supply the best possible service and puts the client at ease knowing that they are at the forefront of the service being provided.

Modern technology allows us to be able to communicate instantaneously through small devices we carry around on our person at almost all times. In 2010, WhatsApp became one of the most common messaging apps and in 2011 Facebook joined the world of instant messaging with the release of their Messenger app. The launch of these two giants in the world of digital communication changed how consumers, especially millennials, prefer to communicate.

Telephone calls are becoming things of the past, very few consumers have the time to put aside to call up a business to discuss A, B and C. Millennials process information faster than any other generation and what they want are fast results to queries not lengthy conversations or small talk about the weather. Outdated technology is very possibly the thing that can hold a business back from success.

The implementation of a commonly used communication method such as instant messenger for a business is a no-brainer. Consumers can get the information they require quickly and easily by using a popular app that they most likely already have installed on their mobile phones. Long email threads are a thing of the past, where you feel like you must write in a more formal style. The implementation of this style of messaging service provides a casual, friendly chatting between businesses and their clients. We all know the saying, people buy from people. What better way to communicate than to have an approachable friendly service easily accessible for clients and prospects alike.

Having the ability to access customer enquiries instantaneously and enhance response times can be the difference between your target market choosing your service or going to your competitor; especially if your competitor takes longer to respond.

There may be reservations when somebody mentions having an instant messenger attached to a business such as, ‘I don’t want to be pestered out of working hours’, but with the Facebook Messenger app you can add ‘away’ messages, automated and pre set to a message of your choice wether that be a response to let people know you would respond at your earliest availability or with your opening hours. There is also a feature that allows you to set up popular questions for customers such as, ‘what services do you offer?’, ‘Where are you located?’ or to request more information about a service you provide, again all pre set to answers of your choice.

Revolution Four Website Messenger Facebook Social Media Live Chat Design

Adapting to updated technology and embracing new communication methods aimed at your target market is vital for you to establish yourself as a modern company in a very busy world. Revolution Four is dedicated to helping businesses move with the times and stand out from the blur of business noise. If you would like to take advantage of implementing an instant messenger service onto your website then the process is a simple as filling out a form and letting us do the rest. For existing website customers of Revolution Four, we can offer this service at £59 + VAT and new customers at £99 + VAT to cover initial set up costs.


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