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Don’t let fake influences swallow up your marketing budget!

Influencer marketing is simply the action of promoting and selling products or services through people who are noticed as ‘influencers’ (people who have a large following on social platforms) think Kylie Jenner, she gets sent products and promotes them to her followers. Influencer marketing can significantly impact your sales and growth as a business.

In the past couple of years, influencer marketing has flourished, giving businesses the opportunity for relatively low cost, high impact marketing, with researchers from Bloglovin’ finding that 67% of marketers think influencer marketing campaigns have allowed them to grasp their perfect target audience.

Brands have also started using cross-channel social campaigns.

What is a cross-channel campaign? – A cross-channel campaign is where brands use influencers outside of their specific industry, whether it be a fashion blogger promoting a fitness product or a fitness blogger promoting a clothing brand.

Using cross-channel campaigns can result in further brand awareness of the brand along with reaching new audiences.

Many brands now have a large amount of their budget solely for influencer marketing, keeping their products at the forefront of their target market on a regular basis sending influencers free samples to test & review, giving free trips, lunches, dinners, hotel stays etc to keep these influencers spilling out information about the brand regularly.

So how much are you budgeting for influencer marketing?

With the industry growing massively worth an estimated £2 Billion all business should be utilising this growing marketing trend.

Small businesses can find smaller influencers who are easier to connect with and not as selective with the brands that they work with, giving both SME’s and Enterprises movement in the industry.

How to get in contact with influencers?

Research. Research. Research.

You need to make sure the influencers you choose have what you are looking for.

What you need to consider –

Followers – Ensuring the influencer you are looking for has an organic following, meaning that their followers are legitimate is key for your money to be spent wisely. If an influencer has a false following you are not going to receive the benefits of influencer marketing.

How to decipher between a REAL or FAKE following –

You want their audience to be authentic!

Red flags to be aware of:

  • When a video has more likes than it has views… This is where things really don’t add up for example if a video has 2000 views but 4000 likes, you know that these likes are fake as 2000 people haven’t actually viewed the video. You don’t have to be good at maths to know that these numbers don’t add up!
  • Exact numbers – If every post / image they upload has pretty much the exact amount of likes and comments, you know their following is paid for (fake). There should be a natural fluctuation in interaction and engagement.
  • Typical rate of engagement – There should be an average percentage of influencer engagement which you can find here. The percentage rate should typically be between 1.5 and 3%, however there are outliers who have a really loyal following which the percentage will be higher.
  • People who buy followers – You can see if people have bought followers if they have a high follower count but low engagement (minimal likes and comments on posts)
  • How to track an influencers engagement – Use Social Blade. This platform allows you to see if an influencers engagement is genuine (if they buy like and comments).

What genuine engagement / following looks like – There should be a gradual increase in the graph.

If your influencers graph looks like the below their following will be purchased through platforms meaning their following will be fake. The peaks will signify when they have bought the followers, the below graph shows an ‘influencer’ who has bought their followers/engagement on a weekly basis. Wen the followers are purchased the graph peaks.

So we have shared some tips and tricks on how to spot a FAKE influencer, however a lot of brands do not have the time to research and source genuine influencers specific to their industry, so Revolution Four offer to source your influencers.


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