Celebrating their first year as Revolution Four the team are going green

Going Green in Celebration of First Business Anniversary

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To celebrate their first year as Revolution Four the team are going green and giving away trees. Have these techies gone hippy? We find out from founders Nik & Justine.

Nik & Justine rebranded (to Revolution Four) a year ago to distinguish their creative digital agency from the Whitfield’s serviced offices. To mark their first year, they’re giving trees to their clients.  Nik said, “A tree is the personification of long term, sustainable growth, thus symbolic of a successful collaboration with our clients.”  Justine continued, “We also wanted to do something a bit different, something that lasted a longer than a cake or bottle of wine.


They are encouraging their clients that receive the trees to plant them around their work space or somewhere within the community to help their environment. The pair were inspired at the Virgin Disruptors conference in London back in 2016 after seeing Cyrill Gutsch founder of Parley for the Oceans. Shocked at the state of the polluted oceans around the world, within weeks the entire office was paperless, all single use plastic banned & as many green initiatives adopted as possible. 


Their hippy values also extends into their culture. Their office space immediately welcome you into world more akin to a cafe than a business, with loads of plants, bold artwork, unorthodox furniture & bespoke art. The team are dressed casually, some of them bring their dogs in; racks of wine sit next to computers. There’s iMacs from the Nineties, classic tech now used as art.  

Nik & Justine have encouraged this culture to ensure a creative environment.  Justine said, “we love thinking outside the box, evolving unusual ideas; stuff that will set us apart from the competition. We’ve tried to build a creatively fertile setting where ideas flourish.  Nik added, “There’s so much incredible software available right now so we have incredible opportunities to be thinking imaginatively. This empowers us to fashion super efficient & innovative solutions for our clients.”

Collaborative Outsourcing 

Outsourcing is one of their more popular solutions. The team support a range of clients, some instructing them on an ad hoc basis, others who use them as an extension of their own business. Nik said, “Outsourcing retainers allow firms to dip in and out of our wide talent pool, giving access to expertise often at a fraction of the cost of employing staff.” Outsourcing has become hugely popular over the last few years mainly due to the easy integration & seamless productivity achieved as we embrace productive technology.  Again the environmental benefits are legion.

Tech Hippies

Nik & Justine are big fans of the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool & Shoreditch, London and seem to have brought a bit of that culture to the Wirral; some free thinking innovativeness blended with a deep fascination with cutting edge technology, together with a genuine care for their planet.  

Justine concluded, “We can’t wait to see the trees growing around the Wirral and see what technology is around by the time they’ve grown up.

Ready to scale-up your company? Have a chat with the entrepreneurs over a coffee or glass of wine by calling 0151 348 7044 or message them thrive@revolutionfour.co.uk

Reproduced with kind permission from Wirral Life Magazine


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