Going The Extra Mile & Setting Your Business Apart

Going The Extra Mile & Setting Your Business Apart

When asked what gives their business the edge over competitors, many business owners will cite customer service as the area that gives their company the edge. Basic warmth and courtesy are already customer service essentials so how can we really show our loyal clients just how much we value and appreciate them (…actually going the extra mile)?

One of our best-loved team members, Del Willden, recently took a trip to London with his fabulous alter-ego Beverley Macca in tow. His experience travelling on Virgin Trains has left us all thinking about exactly what it really means to go the extra mile and winning customer integrity.

Being a regular Virgin punter, Bev has built a strong rapport with their social media team and always gets in touch with them prior to travelling. On this occasion, she tweeted them with a jovial suggestion that the train manager should bring her a complimentary Lambrini and Prawn Ring (ooh-er!) whilst she travels. To her and fellow passengers’ amusement – the amazing Virgin team did just that! (Complete with a hilarious twist of mistaken identity when they mistook fellow passenger June for the legendary Bev!)

Amusement aside, this got our team thinking about why it’s important to give your clients something extra. With customer expectations getting higher and so many other options available, it’s becoming imperative to find ways of going above and beyond. In a climate where there’s so much negativity surrounding our rail services, this gesture from Virgin Trains definitely delighted this loyal customer!

From Bev and  from us all – a huge thank you to RG, Mark and all the team on the 10.47 Virgin Pedallo (Bev’s term for the Pendalino) from Liverpool Lime Street to London Euston on Monday 4th March. The insatiable Bev, added:

“Virgin Trains team have always treated me like a Princess, but my hamper was the seafood sauce on the prawn ring. I felt like a Queen.”

So, folks, whether you’re looking to increase brand loyalty, average spend or brand awareness, it’s time to start thinking outside the box about how you can reward your clients and keep them coming back for more.


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