Graphic Designers | The Power & Impact They Have on Your Business

Graphic Designers | The Power & Impact They Can Have on Your Business

A picture can paint a thousand words; an image is better at conveying an idea quicker & more simply than a wordy description. This is the power graphic designers have.

Graphic Designers need to understand how a business wishes to represent itself. What are their wants & needs, their culture, ethos and identity; what image do they wish to portray? A good designer can transform this long conversation into a beautiful graphical representation thus ensuring potential new clients instantly get the company’s message.

Much of the skill is subtle, almost subliminal, such as the use of particular colour combinations to convey certain feelings, or a clue in the logo (think Amazon’s A to Z smile or Fedex’s hidden arrow).

So the role of a graphic designer is to collaborate with a business & marketeers to create an image worthy of the brand, that works throughout the company. Typical assignments are the company’s logo, their stationary (including email signatures) and adverts.

What About Other Graphics?

There are less obvious subjects such as business signage. Not just creating the logo, wording and background but considering how lighting and materials alter the look. They are often asked to make mockups of how a shop will look with various iterations of their signage – much cheaper than trying to change a sign once it’s up!

They also design vehicle wraps, which need very careful planning.

Hampshire Police placed an advert on the back of a bus depicting one of their constables but failed to consider the exhaust exiting somewhat inappropriately below the belt.

Branding Your Online Presence

Technology branding is important; in particular social media platforms tend to have unusual sizes. Some profile pictures are round (like Twitter) whilst cover images tend to be pillar box shaped so can cut bits off a logo which looks unprofessional.  It’s therefore important to have specifically designed images or video. Each page of the company website must reflect the brand & be consistent, as must any supporting apps.

It’s important that the Graphic Design team are involved in all aspects of the business from the initial marketing to the final aftercare to ensure gorgeous & consistent branding that epitomises the spirit of the company.


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