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Practical ways to grow with digital marketing in 2021

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As we spy the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, many businesses are ramping up their digital marketing efforts, so we’re sharing some of our top tips for making the most of marketing online to grow your business.

Build authentic connections with your audience

Social media is about conversations, being social.  Some brands go for the sell, sell, sell option but do we really want to keep seeing their adverts in our timelines?  Your audience would be better served with useful & original information, content that informs or helps them.  The aim is to create a respectful relationship with them, irrespective of whether they will purchase from you.  If you build their trust it is likely that they will approach you when they’re ready to buy.

Have conversations with your audience

We often see people asking for help with stuff on socials.  Speak to them about what they’re trying to achieve, what their pain point is, what problem they’re trying to solve.  Again, avoid going in for the hard sell, but strike up a conversation, perhaps demonstrate how your service may benefit them.

You can also comment on many other articles to spark up a conversation in your field, even with non-competitive brands.  We have seen this done well recently between Weetabix & Heinz Tweet putting their beans on Weetabix tweet that stirred up quite a storm with many other brands piggybacking on the campaign.

Make it easy for them to speak to you

There’s plenty of tools such as Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp that allow you to talk to your audience, plus they have basic automations or chatbots which allow you to respond to enquiries outside office hours, to supplement your customer service.

Audiences are used to chatting to friends in this manner form their mobiles so this gives them a familiar easy step to communicate with you.

Ensure your Google My Business is active & current

It’s amazing how many businesses don’t take advantage of this free service from Google.  Adding your business is great for SEO and online reputation.  Make sure that all data is filled in so your audience sees as much information on your business or product, your opening hours and as much as possible to provide the best possible customer service. 

Use this platform to share local information not just about your business but perhaps commenting on local events.  Add your business here.

Encourage reviews

Google My Business also has a ‘reviews’ section so you can build up some positive genuine customers reviews to build your audiences’ trust & will also be considered as content by Google.  Don’t forget to send a link to your customers & ask them if they’ll post a review for you.  Every little one helps.

There are other review apps, such as Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, Yelp, etc.  You need to find the right one to suit your business but hereafter encourage honest reviews.  We all want good ones, but we can often turn a bad review, a disgruntled customer, into a good one by listening to their issues and attempting to solve them.

Advertise with local targeting

Having a great website, regular social media posts, engaging with clients is great and will build up your SEO & thus traffic organically.  It will work but takes time & effort.  The alternative is to allocate some budget to advertising, such as Adwords or social media paid ads.  This is arguably the best method to drive traffic to your website but we would recommend doing this when you’re reasonably confident that you

Set up a rewards or loyalty scheme

Loyalty schemes are a great way to engage with existing clients and give them a little something back.  It encourages additional sales as you have already built some trust with them.  They also start to become a brand ambassador for you as they will naturally share their positive experiences when asked about your product or service.

Ask for help

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving arena and there are some incredibly clever practices out there, but also many that are a complete waste of time.  Sometimes a consultation with a digital marketing agency or online expert can give you some direction even if it simply ensuring that you are aware of the low hanging fruit, the free items around the net that are imperative for a business.

One of the first things a digital agency will do is an online audit.  Amongst many other things, this ensures that nothing obvious has been missed; business directories, Google, maps, local search, socials, back links and a myriad of other items.

It’s constantly changing so it’s OK to ask for assistance of specialist digital marketing agencies.  The team here at Revolution Four offer a free consultation to businesses via Zoom, with no obligation.  Click here to arrange a chat.


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