How to Create a Belting Social Media Campaign

How to Create a Belting Social Media Campaign

We’re a relatively small, independent agency, so we have a big advantage over most; we’re agile. We can adapt very quickly to the rapidly changing media landscape. Rather than trying to sell traditional products, marketing strategies, adverts, etc. we ask our clients what they want to achieve.

We’re not scared about left-field thinking, doing something a bit unusual, taking risks and including stunts in a campaign. We’re on a mission to create innovative, exciting campaigns that deliver excellent returns.

Why bother with social media marketing?

Ultimately marketing exists to create sales that would otherwise not exist. However in today’s market, social media allows us to achieve so much more. Brand awareness is an obvious reason; insurance and health companies often sponsor sporting events but don’t expect anyone to buy their products during a game. However their brand name plastered around the stadium on advertising boards tends to stick.

Brand awareness increases loyalty and customer satisfaction, especially when customers see interactions and original and authentic content. It puts your marque as a thought leader, an expert in your field. It demonstrates that you understand your products and customers needs.

Social media allows us to interact with potential customers quickly and effectively. They could ask a question about a product or service, we could respond to puzzling questions with solutions, we can give them our expert advice. If they end up buying, great; if not at least we’ve helped someone and increased our brand-awareness.  

Social media is all about conversations. It’s good to be involved in a discussion and brands often open a dialog to gain understanding about their customers. They can discover what they like, what they want, how they prefer buying, etc. This is invaluable for a business as it provides excellent data from a target demographic.

If a customer complains on social media then we have the opportunity to respond. Damage limitation, if done correctly, can often turn a negative into a positive outcome; a win : win situation for both people. Companies should positively encourage complaints or constructive criticism. It’s better for someone to complain than to simply walk away and use a competitor as it give a chance to respond and resolve the issue.

Social media use is great for increasing your SEO, thus increasing your rankings on search engines, especially with Google’s 2020 algorithms. It will generate good quality traffic to your website. As most customers log on at least once a day it allows a brand to ensure regular coverage of their services. This can help generate leads by allowing people interested in learning more to easily set up a demonstration or get more information.

Social media can humanise your company. Customers are more likely to trust a brand with a human side. Generic websites, with 0845 numbers and stock photography is never as engaging as showing your customers the people who make up your company. Nik and Justine, our founders, are brilliant at putting themselves at the front of the company, taking responsibility for everything that happens from cradle to grave. They ensure that the entire process from an initial enquiry to on-boarding and continued client liaison is impressive and tailored to the client’s individual requirements.

Paid advertising can ensure that a product or service reaches the correct audience. Most platforms allow very specific targeting of key demographics such as online behaviour, location, age groups, gender, etc. This ensure an advert is seen by potential customers and not by demographics unlikely to interested.

Social Campaigns

So we’ve established that there are a plethora of reasons why marketing and in particular social media marketing is so important. In 2018 eMarketer revealed that Facebook advertising spending had overtaken traditional print. However is it just a case of posting content and hoping to see sales increase? Well that’s a high risk approach not recommended by many professional marketers.

There are two main routes for social media for a business. Firstly there is the regular creating, posting and responding day to day running and secondly individual campaigns. Both work best with some strategy but in particular running a campaign it is important to have a strategy. A realistic, planned and measurable one. It is important to set goals, so that the campaign manager can focus on what you are trying to achieve.

There needs to be a clear start, middle and end of the campaign with dates attached to each to keep posts consistent. Setting dates allows a budget to be kept in check and can give a clear comparison of the effectiveness of the campaign pre and post campaign.

With both routes having constructive tools for tracking, the effectiveness of posts can be analysed and tweaked for optimum performance. In particular a campaign needs some measurable goals to assess whether it achieved its objectives.

Different platforms attract different types of audience, so it is important to concentrate a campaigns efforts on the correct one. Choosing between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and others depends on a target audience.

There is of course a fair degree of crossover with some people using multiple platforms. Gender, age, income make a difference, whilst some platforms favour business to business (B2B) sales whilst others are better for business to consumer (B2C) targeting. With the pendulum swinging away from robots back to humanisation B2B and B2C are fading and B2P, business to person, treating the customer like a person, is growing.

The analytics of a campaign allow a brand to understand the customer demographics. A successful campaign will keep a close eye on this data and optimise the campaign regularly to ensure the best possible coverage and targeting.

How does a marketing campaign work?

The team at Revolution Four collaborate with our clients to ensure that we understand many things about them and their goals. We need to understand what they wish to achieve, who their target market is or their ideal customer. We also need to gauge their culture and ethos; no point doing a crazy stunt with whacky graphics for a funeral directors.

Our recent #SocialWise campaign’s goal was to raise awareness of mental health issues surrounding the misuse of social media and the internet; to date nearly 3 million people have seen the campaign across our various @revolu4ion social media platforms, InstagramFacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Budget plays an important part in strategising the optimal return on investments. We try to assess their aversion to risk whether the budget needs to ensure a sensible return or is there room for something more unorthodox which may keep big rewards. A campaign we ran on Twitter for a client started a conversation that lead to a £1m plus order.

Whilst we operate in a digital arena, we’re still humans. We’re not that blinkered that we will only do digital; we have an open mind and we love being creative. Nik and Justine will happily sit down over a coffee (don’t give them wine before 5pm) and talk through wants, needs and concerns

They operate between Heswall on the Wirral, Liverpool and London offices but have clients stretching from LA to Dubai, can meet pretty much anywhere, including video conferencing. Many campaigns run well with advertising running parallel on more traditional media.

We’ve worked with airlines, TV, radio, buses, magazines but we’ve also engaged with events, pop-up shops, collaborations and a few cheeky eye-grabbing stunts along the way. If it achieves goals and delights the customer, we’re happy especially if we can have a bit of fun with it along the way.


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