International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, a day that is celebrated just for us, Let’s hear from the women that drive Revolution Four, Rev4 Unplugged and Whitfield Business Hub. A group of incredible women that have had many achievements in their personal and professional lives despite the difficulties they have faced in a world that still has a long way to go in terms of equality and gender parity.

International Women’s Day has occurred for well over a century with the first gathering held in 1911. Those women paved the way for our generation to keep speaking out, and carry on bringing awareness about equality. International Women’s Day shines a light on the issues that women and girls face all around the world. We are a huge deal in business right now and let’s be honest, the world would be nothing without us. Get on social media today and start a conversation, let’s get people talking. Upload pictures of the women that inspire you in your life and tell us why and what International Women’s day means to you. As Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin once said ‘Sisters are doin’ it for themselves’

Lara – Social Media Assistant – Revolution Four

How amazing is it that we have a day that is celebrated just for women, and so there should be. International Women’s day is so important to me. It reminds me that we are equal in society, we are strong, fierce and successful. No one can tell you that you’re not good enough or not capable of doing what a man can do. Women are really driving so many industries in recent years and putting a mark on certain industries such as the digital sector. I feel privileged to work for a Digital Marketing Agency that is heavily female based in an industry that is normally male orientated. Working with such driven, successful, like-minded women gives me such a buzz.

I came to work for Revolution Four through another internal business back in October. My new role as social media assistant was completely new to me but through the encouragement and guidance from of all the amazing women around me, I have really found my feet. There have been many times that I have doubted my abilities over the last 5 months but my confidence is growing week by week and I know I can do this now.

I would say my super power is empathy. Empathy is very important in Digital Marketing as well as in everyday life. Having the ability to know what the client’s needs are and how they feel about their business and how they want their brand to come across on social media is a skill that I’m honing in on. Tone is also very important in writing for social media, naturally I am able to convey the tone of each business, from Industrial manufacturers to charitable organisations. Women are a driving force in so many ways in this life so watch this space.

Lucia – Marketing Assistant – Rev4 Unplugged

My super power in my job role is my ability to show versatility. Being tenacious and pushing boundaries within my own comfort zones is what drives me to achieve, develop and grow.

International woman’s day for me, marks a global celebration of women who have and continue to elevate, inspire and uplift the rest of the world. We are an army of intelligent, passionate, resilient women ready to empower across the globe.

A team that can’t and won’t be stopped.

What is my superpower, I would say it is…Problem Solver and Mischief Maker.

Justine – Digital Director & Adventurer – Revolution Four

So, this is the part I need to toot my own horn with what I am involved in and what I have done. To keep it as short possible, I own 3 businesses, one being Revolution Four with a very exciting new arm of the business, Rev4 Unplugged. I specialise in creativity, strategy and outside the box thinking. I have spent my career working from the bottom up, learning the pitfalls of business along the way from waitressing, management right through to where I am now, Digital Director and Adventurer. I love meeting and interacting with a variety of industries, learning from them as we grow together, strategically planning their next moves within marketing or business growth. As a Graphic Designer by trade, I have a keen eye for detail and love all creative elements of my role.

I have won a few awards with the support of my team, most outstanding young professional when I was 18, Businesswoman of the year, small business of the year and a handpicked award for my achievements within charity and community along with some amazing nominations I am proud of! I am a Patron of the Tim Cogley Cardiac Screening Foundation, something I am very passionate about and have the best team who work with me on achieving all of the above. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

My journey has seen a fair few ups and downs, but I can safely say, throughout it all, the business launches, growth, troubles and worries, my team have been the backbone throughout, not only are their skill sets second to none but their attitude towards work and how good they are to one another is something that I wish I could bottle up and sell. Along with the amazing women we are celebrating within the team, I believe we have approximately a 50/50 split of male and female. I am just as proud of the men as I am the women! Well done to all, here is to many more successes, laughs, launches and celebrations!

Leigh – Graphic Designer & Photographer – Revolution Four

International Women’s Day is such an important chance to celebrate the achievements of females past and present, to raise awareness of women’s equality and to show the world just how bad ass a female can be. Studying in an all-girls college really taught me that women empowering other women is essential, especially in a society that still unfortunately conforms to gender-based stigma and conventional archetypes of gender sometimes. Completing a degree in a male-dominated industry and sharing home tasks with my husband as a team really proves to me that gender shouldn’t matter in a classroom, a working or home environment – everyone deserves equality regardless of what you identify as.

My job role super power is COMMUNICATION. My role requires me to utilise strong communication, both verbally and visually. I can comfortably communicate with clients to create briefs that hit their need and then effectively communicate that brief visually with my designs. I can create whole campaigns with a focus on what I need to communicate to a specific audience – ensuring the message that needs to be present is at the forefront of all my work and deliverables. Take the International Women’s Day theme for example – each colour is significant (purple signified justice and dignity, green symbolises hope and white represents purity) – there is always underlying communication within great design.

Kate – First Response & Property Manager – Whitfield Business Hub

International Women’s Day is a huge deal for me. It’s a day to celebrate all the amazing woman out there.

Growing up I was inspired by my Mum to be the best version of myself. I watched her balance a career and family life and she taught me to always treat others as equals.

My super power in the workplace – CAREER WITH COMPASSION. My superpower has been well imbedded in me since I was a child thanks to my Mum. She taught me that you can get things done, you can direct people and you can be fair but firm and you don’t have to be a A **hole to have a successful career.

In the words of Dr Seuss “ it’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice”

Charlotte – Production Assistant – Rev4 Unplugged

As Destiny’s Child once said “All the women who independent throw your hands up at meee” This is the vibe I’m living for this International Women’s Day!

My name is Charl and you may recognise me from Rev4 Unplugged where I host the Podcasts. I’m super proud to have taken Rev4 Unplugged under my wing since day one and watched it blossom over the months.

When I’m not talking all things business, I’m in my heels strutting my stuff in the studio serving some major hairography. I’m a danceaholic and have been fortunate enough to dance in some amazing places all over the world. Dancing empowers me to be sexy confident and own what I do. Let me hear you say Amen sis!

Love yourself, you are beautiful and dance like no one is watching x

Kerry – Marketing Manager – Revolution Four

First of all, Happy International Women’s Day to all you Boss ass women out there!

To be a woman, a woman in business and a woman that supports and empowers other women is something I couldn’t be more proud of. I have worked alongside some of the most empowering and strong females who ignited a flame inside of me to go out and show the world exactly how powerful a woman can be in business. Having faced situations where I suffered from gender discrimination it gave me even more ammunition to show regardless of gender we can all be bad ass.

My superpower (among many 🤪) would probably have to be authenticity, to succeed in business and also general life, you have to know yourself, what you are sh*t hot at and areas you are not so good at. By being authentic it allows me to stay true to who I am and also my clients, being real and transparent is something that is massively important to me and has driven a lot of success with clients over the years I believe it cuts out the bullsh*t and drives results a lot faster.

“Here’s to strong women: May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”


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