IT Support Services

Technology is amazing and has become entwined into every aspect of a business. IT makes business processes significantly quicker, more efficient, incredible controllable, infinitely manageable. Moving fast, what was cutting edge 3 years ago is now close to retirement.

Tech requires three elements to work well: Solid Initial Setup, Reliable Daily Running, Clear Future Planning. We can supply or advise on the initial hardware, network, servers, ensure that they talk to each other in the most efficient and reliable manner, including safety nets for when parts fail, then finally we plan upgrade strategies to future-proof a business.

Website & Domain Hosting

We utilise a mix of our own servers and outsourced server farms, where we host hundreds of websites. Offsite auto backup and redundant servers ensure reliability and stability. Everything is highly encrypted to ensure enterprise level security.

We can upgrade, expand or downgrade easily without having to wait for third party website companies, who are traditionally slow to release details. This ensures a business gets exactly what it needs, delivered securely and on time.

“Revolution Four have consistently delivered our IT projects from setting up emails right through to purchasing and installing hardware. They partner with some incredible tech firms like SwiftCase and helped to implement their bespoke systems, on call for any problem we couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

All your IT needs in one place

Revolution Four are here to ensure that when issues arise, help is at hand to provide the highest level of IT support possible. We are aware that even a minor issue can have a large impact on a business not to mention the stress and frustration that can be caused by computer equipment not working.

This is why we collaborate to provide pro-active plans to protect in the first place but also will respond to issues and emergencies with quick and effective solutions.

Since 2016 we have supported the various businesses within Whitfield Business Hub based on the Wirral. Due to our continued success we have branched out on our own to service the SMEs throughout the North West.

Need help setting up emails, websites or even need help with hardware solutions?