Join our Virtual Christmas Party


Where? Zoom

When? Friday 18th of December

Price: £5 per person or £10 for a household

What’s included?

  • Each participant will receive a box with:
  • Santa hat or reindeer ears
  • Mince pie
  • Candy cane
  • Hot chocolate sachets
  • Christmas bingo

What are the games?

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Players go head to head to be the fastest to retrieve Christmas related items from around the house.

The Naughty List

Spin of from the game ‘Never Have I Ever’.

Each player holds up 10 fingers and one by one players take it in turns to say “You are on the naughty list if…” and finishes with a Christmas related point until we are left with a winner.

Examples: “You are on the naughty list if…”

  • You have ever re gifted a present.
  • You don’t believe in Santa
  • Pretended to love a gift
  • You know a naughty Christmas joke
  • You were late to the party

Festive Pub Quiz

For this section a screen share can be created to display the quiz questions with picture rounds.

Baby Face

Pre party, each person joining will send in a photo of them as a baby. The person who gets the most correct baby pictures wins the round.


Some of best Christmas songs played backwards, player / team to get the most correct wins the round.

General Knowledge

A mix of Christmas related general knowledge. Questions like:

  • Name every one of Santa’s reindeer
  • What mountain does the Grinch live on?
  • What was the original colour of Santa’s suit?
  • What is the highest grossing Christmas movie of all time?

Christmas Bingo

First one to complete the card wins a prize.

Best Fancy Dress

Pre party each person is challenged to their best Christmas fancy dress, the more outrageous and creative the better! Best fancy dress wins a prize!


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