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For many people a business idea is born in the midst of frustration during a situation or process. In some cases the need for a product or service, sparks the idea. Knowing where to start developing that idea into a working business is daunting and difficult to comprehend it becoming a reality. Once the thought of going to the moon was just a dream, yet mankind made it happen.

Others may have a grasp of exactly what they want and how to get there but perhaps are missing some key elements to realise their vision.

There are so many moving pieces to consider when starting your business, from registering the company, consistent branding for multi-channel marketing, marketing locally and internationally, the product/service itself, legalities, staffing, growth and in some cases investment. These are just example pieces of a jigsaw entrepreneurs face whilst launching a business. As you can see, it can be quite the headache, especially if you are trying to take on these tasks all by yourself.


There is nothing more exciting than an individual(s) entering our offices full of excitement and eager to get going or to bounce ideas off us in regards to their thoughts on their new business venture. As a team we have supported in excess of 500 clients with anything from advice right through to investment & active involvement. As a team we work alongside individuals & businesses to compliment their ideas right through from inception to expansion worldwide.

We like to deeply understand the idea/business, the ethos and culture of the brand and work with you to develop your business to the most efficient of its capabilities. It is important to budget wisely in the start up stages to enable the company to generate a return quicker. In order to do this we often allocate costs into phases with clear understanding of the importance of each element while being fully transparent throughout.

It is genuinely in our interest to help our clients grow which is why it is so important for us at this stage to assign funds in the most effective ways possible. We use these initial phases as important times to educate clients and partners as to why these elements are vital to the development of the business long term. It is really important to focus on long term strategy rather than short term wins.

Reaching Orbit

After we have worked with individuals to develop the business idea and brand we focus on the sales funnel and key considerations. A few key points that have served us well when addressing a business are;

Why – why would people choose you and your product/service, why are you any better than the rest. This has to be a prominent message throughout and many use this as their mission statement.

4 Key points within the funnel process would be awareness, consideration, decision and action. I advise every client to think about these in detail before delving into any form of marketing or development of digital or internal sales funnels.

Awareness – How do you make people aware of your product/service, how do you capture their attention at this initial stage, what platforms will you be using to do this? What tone of voice do you want portraying in these messages, what are your key messages and most importantly how do you move them from this awareness stage to the next, consideration? How do you make them then consider your product/service as an actual purchase?

Consideration – Does your messaging direct people to consider your product or service, does it provide people with all the relevant content to allow them to consider all elements? Do you leave any questions unanswered in this consideration phase or do you answer them all in a concise and informative manner? Now most importantly how do you get someone to move from considering your product to actually make a decision?

Decision – One of the most vital steps – driving someone to make a decision on your product/service. Is all the information relevant, does the content make it almost impossible for people to not move on to the action of purchase? Do you educate your customer on all doubt that may arise at this stage?

Action – How to get someone to sign on the dotted line. Is the process of finalising the purchase easy to navigate, are the call to actions accessible and easy to use? Do you capture all the data necessary to make the process as simple for the end user as possible?

Once you have developed these points these would then become the foundations and building blocks of all the marketing efforts moving forward.

Behind the scenes there are a wide range of services you need to consider and implement such as legal documentation from Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies to Shareholders agreements, Cookie Policies, Contracts and NDA’s the list goes on. Then there’s HR considerations, Accounting and Administrative duties.

We could spend all day generating a list of business needs but we aim to not overwhelm people and take each step phase by phase, breaking it down into bitesize manageable chunks – good for the mind & cash flow alike.

Revolution Four have launched an array of businesses across a variety of industries specialising in nurturing a business from inception to achieve their goals alongside the business owners. If you would like to discuss your business or idea, scale your business or market internationally? We would love to have a chat and see how we can help.

Let’s have a brew and brainstorm some ideas


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