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Marketing & Selling Strategies During Lockdown

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Not sure many people’s Dry January lasted very long with the latest government imposed lockdown kicking in 4 days into the new year! Harsh for us, arguably tougher on business, especially coming on top of a particularly hard year. We help businesses form marketing & selling strategies to get them through & hopefully thrive during lockdown.

We’re Fully Operational

As a digital based business, many of our staff have been used to working remotely, even prior to the first wave of Covid back in Spring last year. Whilst it’s not great socially, we’re lucky that we can continue to work, create products & support businesses without interruption.

The lockdowns have been catalysts for change within the business community, which has been positive for us; we’ve been busy building & launching websites & ecommerce solutions as companies swap or bias to online selling, marketing& communicating. We’ve helped SMEs create contingency plans essential to ensure survival.

Effective Lockdown Marketing Strategies

We have been working with clients to initiate revamped marketing strategies, particularly in the digital arena. With a drop in high street & traditional sales, online activity is thriving during lockdown, but it is only with practical & effective strategies that a business can see a generous return on investment.

Digital marketing has become somewhat of a dark art, with little regulation and a lot of BS out there. With a host of Google qualifications under our belt coupled with some diverse & widespread experience, the Rev4 team excel at creating marketing strategies, implementing & analysing them, partnering with our clients to ensure that we meet, and preferably exceed, their goals.

Bespoke Plans

Working closely with each client we create bespoke plans & individual methods. We consider debriefing important to understand what worked well & what needs more effort to optimise results.

Directors Nik & Justine take a personal interest in each client, irrespective of size. They often go beyond our original brief, respectfully becoming involved in the overarching business strategy, adding value to a marketing proposition. This has never been more important than in 2021 as tried & tested marketing techniques fall by the wayside, overtaken by digital tactics.

We’re Here To Help

Yes; this new lockdown is tough on businesses but it’s OK to ask for help. The Rev4 team provides a complete outsourced business department to support SMEs. We believe that the better we can make a client’s business, the closer that client becomes to us & ultimately becomes an excellent advocate for us.

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