Marketing Services

Marketing is there to bring in additional sales that wouldn’t have naturally occurred otherwise. Easier said than done, there is an art to developing an effective, measurable marketing strategy, which drives sales, increases brand awareness and smashing specific and  individual client goals.

The Evolving Marketing World

Today’s marketing landscape is becoming increasingly complex as technologies, trends and our social environments constantly changes. For businesses this creates problems, as they can no longer fill the skill gaps that appear without incurring great cost to acquire or source those skills efficiently.

Whether its traditional or digital marketing that you need, our experienced and knowledgeable marketers are available to hand pick the best methods and approaches to effectively achieve your business goals.

Deciding on the best methods and approaches to marketing is not just as simple as running through a list and picking one; in most cases it takes around 3-5 marketing methods to successful reach and draw the attention of your audience. So, whilst you may be planning to put out a single social media post or pin up a poster to promote your event, we would encourage you to think more broadly about the other ways and opportunities in which you could maximise your interaction with your audience.

Don’t worry though, this is what we are here to help you with.

Since using Revolution Four, with help and support from their IT and marketing department, we have exceeded our sales targets over 200% and are now able to concentrate on our business tasks whilst they take care of the rest.

18 – 3036%




The Revolution Four Way

We have gone to great lengths to assemble a team that covers a broad range of key marketing areas so that you don’t have to. The Revolution Four team is here to get to know you and your brand, in detail, to clearly understand the challenges that you face and what objectives and goals you have in your business vision.

We thrive on helping business’s to define their brand identity and organise their marketing messages to engage with their customers in the best way possible.

We flexibly work to any budgets (with in reason), and have value driven into all of our services. We can provide you with anything from comprehensive, multi-channel annual marketing strategies to social media content plans or a quirky direct mail postcard. In anything we advise, produce and create for you, brand awareness, engagement, promotion and conversion will be at the forefront of our mind.

Below we have reviewed just some of the tactics that, we as marketers, can offer however we will not be able to tell you exactly what you need until we fully understand exactly what you are looking to achieve as a business.

Marketing Strategies

We evaluate where your brand and marketing efforts currently sit in the market, analyse your competition and develop a game plan for reaching your prospective consumers. We then develop a plan to best engage with your customers to maximise your conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction. Not only do we want to create more customers for you, but we want them to become ambassadors who voluntarily help you sell to even more.

The marketing methods we suggest within your marketing strategy will be a unique combination of inbound and outbound marketing activities, however don’t think we won’t consider more weird and wonderful options along the way; like guerrilla marketing, outdoor campaigns and piggy-back tactics. Each business is its own entity and therefore the tactics and activities used to reach your specific audiences should be just as personal.

Inbound Marketing

Here marketing activities will engage, inform or educate the audience. They are produced to add value to your brand and to build the relationship and understanding between the audience and what you stand for. Think blog posts, social media campaigns, networking opportunities, search engine optimisation and video content. How can you grab the attention of your audience and provide them with something useful or interesting beyond the products or services you offer? How can you give them a greater insight into who you are? Or what can you do to start a conversation with them?

Outbound Marketing

This is all about getting your brand and key messages out to your audience in the most prominent and successful way. It involves a range of advertisement mediums, email campaigns, press releases, events and direct mail (brochures, postcards, catalogues). The key is to cause a reaction and encourage sales whether that be for your product/s or services. Despite us now living in a digital world, some of the more traditional methods allow brands to step out from noisy online spaces – so we will always consider what method could generate the greatest return for our customers.

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Marketing case study

Simpwill. A Marketing Case Study

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The Process:


We sit down with you, develop a clear expectations that you wish to achieve both as a business and from your marketing. You will have big dreams and ambitions, and with our help we will guide you in the best direction to achieving them.


Research is conducted into your current marketing efforts, your competitors and the industry in general. Following the collection of all this information we can then look to present a proposal which outlines an optimised plan to get you exactly where you want to be in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


Its time to get to work and bring the ideas to life. Depending on the project, campaign or content there will always be fluidity in how we agree our approach with you. However, before any work is started will we make always sure that expectations and deadlines are understood. Rest assured everything is in good hands now and we will look to work our magic to create engaging content, stunning visuals and incredible results for you.

Edit & Finalise

Marketing is a forever changing landscape, and it is important that we constantly review strategies, activities and tactics to best suit and satisfy audience needs and demands. With every project we will monitor effectiveness and success which will allow us to tweak, rework and re-optimise messaging and marketing methods to get the best return for your marketing investments.