Nik Ellis - Director | Revolution Four Team Member

“If you’re going to stand out, be outstanding.”

Nik Ellis


Started my first company in my spare bedroom back in 2000 and managed to grow it to an industry-leading national firm. With a love of technology, I diversified into software followed by tech-centric B2B companies after realising I had a knack of enhancing businesses. Passionate about inspiring creative and dynamic people to realise their potential and push boundaries.

Spotted an incredible talent in a colleague so asked her to help me set up a marketing agency different to all the frustrating other ones. Justine & I have recently invested in our fourth company after several thousand air miles, a tonne of blood, sweat and tears, more margaritas than are good for us; we’ve developed into a dynamic, challenging and formidable force daring to create a better world.

Revolution Four is one of those companies whose products put a big smile on client’s faces by mixing imagination, free thinking and a shed load of creativity with today’s technology. I don’t go to work, I just develop awesome shit with friends.

Me in Four Words: Energetic, innovative, unconventional, questioner, why only four?