Mobile Takeover | Is Your Website Catering for the Small Screen?

Mobile Takeover | Is Your Website Catering for the Small Screen?

So, we all know from personal experience that the way we browse the internet has changed radically in the last couple of years. Mobile internet browsing is huge (it officially overtook desktop browsing in late 2013).

Current figures suggest that adults in the US spend more than 4 hours per day on a mobile device. We use our mobile phones for entertainment, to connect with friends and colleagues, to stay informed, to shop, and for just about everything else.

Mobile use makes us much more impulsive about the way we search for services (during an ad break in our favourite programme, on our commute to work etc).

But why is this a reason to invest in a new website?

As a business, you ignore changes in consumer behaviour at your peril. You need to ensure that your website looks fantastic and offers a flawless user experience (UX) on both mobile and desktop devices. Even if your current website is responsive and adjusts when viewed on a range of different devices, if it was created a couple of years back, chances are there are improvements that can be made now we know more about how users interact with responsive websites.

Now is the perfect time to redesign your website to put mobile users first.

Google has started the process of switching to a Mobile First Index, meaning they spider your website on a mobile device (rather than a desktop) and determine it’s ranking based on the mobile version of a page. If you haven’t taken action to ensure your site is truly responsive in the last year, you will have likely seen a drop in your rankings, but equally as important, your customers will not be seeing you at your best!

Revolution Four can help you create a truly responsive, great looking website focussed on delivering an excellent experience for your current (and potential) customers. We swiftly establish your preferences and your customer’s needs,  and our experienced team have all the skills to ensure your new site is up and running quickly and with a minimum of disruption.


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