Oh no, not another punny Instagram caption!

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We’re pumpkin out all the Howl-oween puns. Orange you excited?

Halloween doesn’t have to be all thrills and chills. It is the perfect opportunity to have fun and engage with your customers, heightened more so now in such an uneasy marketplace. Halloween also brings together friends and family as it’s a reason to celebrate (albeit not in person for the most of the UK presently) and have a drink or sit with the kids and eat too many sweets and watch movies. Whether it be in person, virtually or just a spooktacular night in with the family, Halloween is a perfect opportunity to have fun, engage with others across multiple means and bring a bit of spirit into society… Get it, ‘Spirit’ ( I won’t quit my day job)

We have decided to inject some of that howl-worthy humour by bringing you some terribly wonderful puns. So why not bookmark this link and then use them as Instagram captions to get every guy and ghoul laughing.

What’s up witches?

Shake your boo-ty

Just us, having some skele-fun

Fangs for the memories 2020

Life is gourd

Dying to have fun this halloween

I’m a Hallow-queen

Witch, please!

Ghouls just wanna have fun

Basic witch here

Just goblin up my Halloween candy

I’m a lazy bones

Witch better have my candy

I’m hanging with my Ghoul Friends


Sorry for my resting witch face

Witch better have my candy

Who Ghost there?

Straight outta Coffin

Eye love you

So, what do you think? Does our Social Media Manager need reigning in or are you as pun-tastic? Make sure to thank us for upping your social media game and tag us in on all platforms with the handle @revolu4ion

We hope you have a fang-tastic Halloween ghouls!


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