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In such unusual times with so many different restrictions across the country, it’s difficult to know what you can and can’t do during the holiday seasons. Not only physically and in your spare time but with business. How can you sell to such a fluctuating market? Maybe that is where the problem lays, in such unsettling times maybe the world is crying out for a bit of fun, humour and a break from sales and desperate business communications.

Halloween this year for many is nothing but a shadow of what it was in previous years. If you are like us in Tier 3, the prime minister’s official spokesman announced this week: “The rules are those which apply to household mixing in general and what that means in practice is if you are in a very high alert level (Tier 3) then you cannot mix with other households indoors or in private outdoor spaces.’ Putting a very clear stop to the fun and mischief for children trick-or-treating this year on the night of Halloween.

We may still be in the middle of a pandemic but its enchanting to see that houses are full of cob-webs, zombies rise in windows making you second glance as you walk down the street and we have all secretly watched Hocus Pocus on repeat whilst indulging in a Halloween themed Hot Chocolate. Local supermarkets have shelves bulging with fake blood, fancy dress costumes and confectionary, weirdly, it has the same feeling of excitement and mischief as it does year on year but 2020 it’s acceptable to not answer your door when someone knocks (if they’re allowed to knock depending on restrictions).

It may be a bleak outlook for some of the trick-or-treaters but this doesn’t mean there isn’t a plethora of things you can treat your customers too and more importantly have fun with! Enhance your presence on social media and have some fun with Halloween themed marketing. Fun implementations like the ones below will increase your brand awareness, emulate your culture and ethos across your digital footprint and more importantly, can be adapted and implemented for every season of the year. With Christmas soon approaching… we would like to open your eyes to what’s available to you.

What would you choose… trick or treat?

Check out our top 5 ways to adapt your marketing this Halloween, have fun and engage with your customers, giving them the much-needed break from the day to day stresses of life.

Decorate your website / shop

It might sound a bit gimmicky but decorating your website / shop front will catch the attention of people who are passing by. New customers coming to your website / shop will get a feel of your culture with small things being noticed that may not have been noticed before. This may not directly link to an increase in sales but it will stick in the minds of your visitors, increase brand awareness and just a brick in the wall for your sales funnel.

Time for your socials to get the glad rags on…

You may not be going out to party but why not dress up your social media and join the biggest virtual Halloween party available to you. Every year the competition is on for the ‘best fancy dress’ whether that be in person or secret competitions comparing your outfit or pumpkin carvings to others on social channels. The chatter is electric and everyone is talking about it online, so why miss the opportunity to stand out from the rest and spend some time dressing up your social media.

For some, social media is their only online presence as a business… if you don’t have a website, spend some time dressing up your socials and have some fun with it. Create conversation. So many people forget that social media is there to be social, create conversation. Have fun, put a spell on your logo, give it a cape and witches hat! Maybe your cover photo will grow webs and pumpkins! Just like dressing up yourself, get online, build your brand awareness, increase engagement and stick in peoples’ minds for all the right reasons.

This is how we’ve incorporated Halloween into our social media.

Publish a Halloween themed blog

Uploading regular content to your website is an absolute must for your digital marketing strategy, every word is a brick in the wall for Google and organic SEO. So why not use seasons to piggy back on trends, things going on within the media already, share your opinion on season related issues or even educate with how to blogs, tips and ‘tricks’ or even some of your own horror stories in business (Halloween theme – get it). Stick to what you know best, your core product/subject but give it a seasonal marketing spin. If you sell products, some of which may be Halloween themed… move them to the forefront of your online shop or shop front. If you don’t sell seasonal items, there may be items that can be renamed, like ‘devilish doorknobs’ or a ‘phantom offer for one night only’ so long as it remains within your guidelines and values, get creative.

Check out our Halloween themed blog… you’re reading it!

Create a seasonal offer, added value item, or holiday discount

We have some very strong opinions about giving people added value rather than discounting your product or service but each business is different and depending on what it is you are offering and your business ethos and culture. The direction you take will be very different from ours for example. This time of year, the typical consumer is in a buying and giving mind-set, slight skewed in todays’ uncertain times but we are all being bombarded with targeted marketing. Offering a seasonal themed offer, added value item or discount may help you stand out from the crowd in a very saturated noisy market.

Looking after your existing customers is imperative, your customers are your brand ambassadors so focus should be on them as well as trying to entice new customers in. Making sure that you either encompass both client bases or target each individually is very important.

Can you find where your very special ‘treat’ is within this blog?

Animate! Share a branded seasonal video / animation

Animations and video are factually proven to stand out and get a better ROI on socials. Introduce branded animations and videos to your website, shop or social media to stand out from the crowd, increase engagement and stick in your potential customers minds.

Our in-house designer has developed this Halloween themed promo!

It may be Halloween now but Christmas is just around the corner. This is just 5 of many things available to you to stand out in a very busy marketplace.

To understand the ways we can adapt your website and socials for Christmas, or any season we would love the opportunity to ‘scare the zombie out of you’ and deliver Christmas to you and your business in a variety of fun and exciting ways. Let’s try and put a smile on peoples face and end 2020 in a much more positive, engaging manor and launch your digital marketing into 2021.


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