Whitfield Business Support

Whitfield Business Support didn’t portray the lifestyle, ethos or emulate the brand and its services in comparison to other much more ‘funky’ companies. The business was formulated with more gusto and direction and Revolution Four was born.

Our clients who have worked with us from inception knew us originally as a brand called Whitfield Business Support, which began as a small business set up to manage an overflow of digital marketing work.

Directors Nik and Justine attended an event in Liverpool in the Baltic Triangle and soon noticed that the business name, Whitfield Business Support didn’t portray the right brand ethos or lifestyle, in comparison to other much more ‘funky’ companies such as TH_NK .

So, after 4 years in business with no clear direction or focus, but the business still growing year on year, we decided it was time to take the plunge and rebrand the business to give it the personality, direction and identity it deserved – and drum roll please… Revolution Four was born.

Our Roles

Graphic Design

The rebranding exercise was not for the faint hearted. The hardest part was trying to find a name that is available as a domain but also a name that 100% encapsulates the what, why, when, who and where of our new shiny brand identity.

350+ names later, almost naming the company Mamma Media as the Directors are passionate fans of Abba – and went on a ‘theatre trip planning meeting’ or two for some creative inspiration (and to see the musical performance of course).

The name Revolution Four was actually originated by Nik after a frustrating exercise of going in circles with our top picks. As soon as he said it, we knew it was the name for us.

Not only does Revolution Four fit with us as a company embracing the fourth industrial (Tech) revolution, it also conveys our goal to be at the forefront of revolutionary ‘challenge the norm’ 360 creativity and culture.

Once the name was chosen the rebrand was in full swing, with the team developing a variety of clean, powerful logo design options. The brand identity elements came together within a week – we had the logo developed in all formats after a few intense creative meetings and all assets were brought together within the month.

The most important, and in our eyes the most shocking stat to come out of the exercise was the return on proposals following the full rebrand.

The same proposal presented in comparison to our old brand had a 80% conversion on proposals in comparison to 40% prior to the rebrand.

In addition to the modern new look and feel of the business, we developed our tone of voice, generating campaigns which successfully communicated our brand ethos and company culture, which in turn began to encourage not only clients suited to us, but also attracted talent with the perfect culture fit with our business.


In short, the rebrand challenged our creativity, and at times definitely tested our patience, but the entire experience was critical to the development of the company, resulting in a noticeable uplift in confidence, engagement and new projects from our customers.