Simpwill, an exciting new startup disrupting the Fintech arena. The directors are young, innovative and full of excitement. With a passion for new tech and seamless customer journey, the 15 minute will writing solution not only provides the customer with an enjoyable experience in comparison to a normally tedious process but with strong reputable collaborations.

Simpwill offer a full ecosystem of services. As well as having the customer at the forefront of their entire journey, they have collaborated with reputable brands such as the Co-op and widened their offering with some really exciting new startups to allow them to offer the user a suite of services within the group from mortgages to insurance in a simple and cost effective way, accessible to all ages.

Key Features

  • 15 minute digital end to end journey
  • Cost effective
  • Unlimited changes to your will for a small annual fee – login at any time
  • Payment on completion
  • Suite of collaborations and partners


  • To develop a CRM to work in conjunction with their user journey allowing them to remarket simply with key touch points and generate necessary data for use across other service offerings, simply and efficiently.
  • To enhance business presence online
  • To drive traffic to the businesses site
  • To suggest and deliver creative and innovative marketing for the brand
  • To build a consistent brand across all materials to be shared across all platforms
  • To capture the ethos and tone of the company across all deliverables
  • To plan and deliver strategy for pre and post launch
  • To advise and mentor where necessary
  • To be on call tech support for emails/domains and hosting
  • To develop a data capture landing page pre launch
  • To develop content and press pre launch
  • To develop social media graphics and animations
  • Social media set up and management across 4 platforms


Revolution Four has worked alongside Simpwill for a few months to set the foundations for their strategy, from email set up, landing pages, social media set up and strategy. We have worked with the design team, to develop styling for their marketing and build a comprehensive Brand Guidelines document along the way to maintain consistency not only with the aesthetics of the brand but with its tone, ethos and culture.

We have put a pre-launch plan in to build brand awareness for the company, develop their long term marketing with content writing, press releases and low level social media management. All these elements help with the organic growth of the website across an array of digital platforms as well as brand awareness across multi media. We will work in conjunction with Simpwill to drive their traffic and hit their goals as per our strategy developed up to this date. These plans will remain flexible and we will adapt to traction as we begin to generate data. Analysing your data at all access points is extremely important especially in the early start up stages as these will provide the vital features for allocating your marketing budget thereafter.

We look forward to working closely with Simpwill to drive traffic to their site and in turn conversions. We will highlight pinpoints in the user journey, offer advice and support to make the necessary amendments to keep the funnel moving and to find their sweet spot at which point we will strategically market to deliver continuous growth.

We will be updating this case study during their journey to please come back and take a look when you can.