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Paid Advert Algorithms – don’t try to cheat the system

We have all noticed a decline in organic engagement across social media platforms from not seeing posts updating regularly to seeing the same posts multiple times. However there has been a huge increase in advertising, paid adverts; most of us are guilty of questioning how the web knows that we are looking for that specific item after seeing it appear across multiple platforms following a conversation – freaky right? There’s method behind the madness. Social media is great for businesses as they can target specific demographics, likes, interests and geographical locations much easier, but it all comes with a cost.

Social platforms don’t hide the fact that they favour the pay to post method and most businesses struggle to grow without the help of paid social media advertising.  It’s not as simple as it may seem, some people assume you just pop on a ‘couple of quid’ and expect a return. To get the best return on investment you need to analyse, tweak, adapt imagery, amend targets, manipulate posting times and invest time in understanding your target market to reach your goals. Doesn’t sound as simple now does it?

It is really important to understand your demographics, what platforms best to post on and when, along with updating your knowledge of new features on all platforms to piggy back on trends and ride the hype!

So what is organic reach?

Organic reach is the number of people who see your posts without the content being paid for to get in front of your consumers eyes. This content should be authentic with value in mind and give people a reason to engage with your content, ask questions, give their opinion, share or interact with it.

What platforms suits my business?

If you plan to reach a youthful audience for your business, spend time working out how to figure out Tik Tok and snap chat filters, hashtag challenges or instagram stories. However B2B companies would be better understanding LinkedIn Hashtags, Twitter and Facebook.

Where do I start with paid advertising?

I would always begin paid advertising with Key word research, then following this with long tail keywords – these are less competitive and mimic the way that people search giving you a better chance of conversion. There are a variety of paid adverts across different platforms, things such as Facebook business suite can automatically adjust adverts for different platforms and styles which is a great tool to use but having a clearer understanding of what each look like, styling, delivery and call to actions will prove beneficial long term. Do not post your adverts and leave them until they complete, track them on analytics, set up tags in tag manager, understand the results and generate as much data from them as you possibly can. A key idea for your adverts are to track them with a landing page specifically for the campaign or a specific phone number, URL, code people can use so you can track the conversion easily. Finally review, tweak and adapt your paid ad results regularly!

How much should I spend?

The first step to determining a budget for any paid advertising is to understand what your goal is. How much that goal is worth and work back to how much you are willing to pay for a conversion. Typically marketing budgets would average 10% of revenue with a higher budget for newer companies wanting to grow more excessively however, I always recommend peppering your paid adverts with small budget adverts to begin with, running for a full week to generate data, traffic and conversions.  This allows you to understand your target market better, allow back end systems to analyse data and tweak accordingly to find your sweet spot and gives you a much clearer idea of what to spend, when to spend it and on what style of advert to get the best ROI. I would run a series of 1 – 3 campaigns over a 2/4 week period with a spend up to £50 per day at the higher end to generate this valuable data to give you a much more educated approach to adverts moving forward. Remember, use sites like Google analytics or the insights tools within your socials to give yourself a head start on where to start targeting.

How do I keep up with Algorithm changes?

Websites such as Hootsuite offer great marketing information for platform based updates and a must read for marketing news, tips and tricks as a whole. Along with sites like Marketing news or alternatively of course, our blog. If you want to know about specific changes, any industry news or have any questions surrounding marketing or any of our services, send us a message and we will do our best to provide you with all the relevant information you need to get you on your way!

TIP: Do not try and cheat the algorithm or find a loop hole… understand it, navigate it and embrace it.

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