Whilst we cover our customers with their marketing and creative needs, we can also offer further support through our extended network of partners. This allows us to offer additional services which compliment the needs, services and processes of growing businesses.

We would not offer out these services and partners to you if we didn’t feel that they lived up to the expectations and standards that Revolution Four provide in our own work, so if you are interested in any of the below, click through to find out more about how they can support your business.

Lacuna Recruitment

Working with clients within both the public and private sectors from SME’s to Conglomerates like, Lacuna Recruitment have 20 years’ experience helping businesses find the right people for them.

Their ethos is very different from the ‘one size fits all’ approach adopted by more traditional recruitment agencies, where fees are based on a percentage of salary. Lacuna’s fees are reflective of the service you receive, are completely transparent and made clear in advance.

Whatever your recruitment challenges – attracting, assessing or retaining the right candidates, Lacuna have the experience and expertise to ensure you get the perfect people for your business.

Whitfield Business Hub

The Business Hub offers virtual receptionist services for mobile workers, home workers and also established businesses who prefer the convenience and cost-effectiveness of outsourcing their reception needs, especially where they have peaks and troughs of activity.

Whitfield’s professional and friendly reception team answer your calls, in your company name. Book appointments, direct calls, field sales calls and help your customers whilst freeing up time for you to run your business. If you prefer then they can transfer calls to your mobile or take messages and send them to you via e-mail or text.

Whitfield Business Hub also offer a range of cost-effective options for handling your business mail. Keeping suppliers, clients & other third parties away from your home address, whilst presenting a professional image of your business. They can open, scan and e-mail traditional mail, or forward to a set address. Alternatively, they can simply hold it for collection.


Livepoint is a scalable, cloud-based, platform for organising and automating your business. Extensively configurable the system helps optimise your business operations through enhanced collaboration and communication tools and integrations with your existing systems

Whether it is small business or a large enterprise, Livepoint allows businesses to automate their processes, more efficiently manage their tasks and focus on delighting their clients – resulting in a supercharged business growth.


Huttono provide the highest levels of hardware, software, telecoms and web IT support possible for businesses. They have years of experience in keeping small to medium business’s running and pushing their technological capabilities and a team who are constantly improving their skills and knowledge.

They understand that even a minor issue caused by computer equipment can have a large impact on a business – causing stress, frustration and often unexpected costs. Huttono’s support alleviates these issues with quick and effective solutions.

Translate Hive

Providing translation and interpretation services for several hundred languages, with a focus on quality, Translate Hive understand the reasons behind requiring a document translation quickly and do so with the minimum amount of focus and highest degree of accuracy.

They translate a variety of legal and technical documents for clients (along with services which include hiring interpreters for events such as court cases, medical appointments or meetings) and always provide a certificate of declaration with the translation or the certified professional. All their translators are NRPSI registered so you can be confident you are receiving a high level of quality and experience with your translation.