A Levels Done. What Next? A podcast doe Pensby High School

Pensby High School Shown Podcasts by Revolution Four

Business Tips, Community

As part of our philanthropic side, we have created podcasts for local school, Pensby High School.

Revolution Four Directors, Nik Ellis & Justine McLaughlin, spoke together with some of our staff and clients, about their professions which range from entrepreneurs and solicitors, to vets and media presenters – a very broad mix! Nik & Justine then talked and discussed about the best routes in which to enter such professions referenced from their contacts and what the good and bad points of each profession are.

It is hard at a young age to know exactly what you want to do with your life, how you intend to get there, and when you actually do expect that the job or profession is actually what you dream and hope for it to be. This is why we created the podcasts which aimed to inspire and educate the children of Pensby High, and hopefully give them a little guidance in what they would like to aim for in their future.

We wish those at Pensby High School all the very best in their onward journey in their education and working career. We know that they are fully capable of achieving anything that they set their minds to, and perhaps our podcasts may have been the trigger moment for clearing a more defined path for them individually.


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