Philanthropy is important to us.  Whilst we have a work hard and play hard philosophy, we consider it imperative to keep a close eye on the surrounding community and long term human improvement.  We can all do a bit to make the world a better place & our philanthropic endeavours tend to revolve around issues that are close to our hearts.

Tim Cogley Cardiac Screening Foundation

Tim was a great friend of directors Nik & Justine, and spent some time helping them with business development in the earlier days of Revolution 4.0.  34 years old, he was a fit chap, avid footballer & well respected in the community.  It was therefore a complete shock to receive a call one random Sunday morning to say that he hadn’t made it home from a night out in Heswall.  He had suffered a heart attack on the way home, completely out of the blue, due to a cholesterol blockage in one of his coronary arteries.

A straight-forward 15 minute test could have spotted this latent issue and potentially saved his life.  We were shocked to discover that this is not a routine test & many people are unaware of its importance.  On behalf of the Cogley family we assisted them with setting up the foundation to raise awareness of the importance of testing and actively facilitating screening around Wirral, Liverpool and surrounding areas.

To date we have helped raise well into a 6 figure sum & organised thousands of tests for young adults; perhaps more importantly a handful of tests revealed underlying conditions which can be treated to prevent further deaths.  We are continuing to build this charity & save lives.  We consider philanthropy is not simply fund raising but actively helping.

Boss Birches

We have a passion for the environment and are conscious that we need more trees to help clean our air & continue our oxygen supply.  After being inspired by Richard Branson at a Virgin Disrupters event back in 2017, Nik & Justine have ensured that their companies and premises have been as environmentally friendly as possible.  We ensured a total paperless work flow with help from Swiftcase banned use of plastics much as humanly possible, swapped to LED lighting and many more little things that all add up.

We decided to support Boss Birches, headed by Kate, our property manager, as it was a philanthropic endeavour close to our hearts.  Absorbing Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, trees help to combat climate change so Boss Birches aims to plant trees as an educational activity to businesses, children and individuals.

Liverpool Enterprise Partnership

We sit on the Liverpool City Region Careers Hub governance board, as local employers, as part of the Liverpool Enterprise Partnership.  The Hub is part of the government’s national Careers Strategy created to bridge the huge gap between school and employer.

As many businesses have been able to adapt to a rapidly changing world, schools have struggled to keep up.  Tech moves so rapidly that it is difficult for the education system to stay abreast of contemporaneous tech.  Whilst subjects such as geography & history have been taught in a similar way for decades, the rapid advancements in tech are difficult to incorporate into the current education system.  As technology has infiltrated almost every industry & subject we need to see a change and look to other countries & areas that are tackling these issues.

We work closely with schools in the Merseyside area not just standard careers advice but bespoke sessions such as ‘Dragon’s Den’ style pitches, insights into various industries, mock interviews.  We’ve worked one on one with students, we’ve held assemblies for over 200 children.   This helps the schools in developing an effective careers plan that addresses the Gatsby Good Career Guidance Benchmarks