Preparing Wirral Businesses for Post-Lockdown Bounce Back

Marketing, Social Media

The UK will emerge from lockdown into a very different business landscape, so our experts have designed packages to give business’s social media accounts a full MOT, diagnostics and suggested tactics for a flying start.

Social media is a powerful form of marketing if done correctly. There’s the obvious stuff like creating engaging content, with authentic material and eye-catching imagery but with such comprehensive analytics available, the ability to analyse and then adapt a strategy is an important skill.

Social Media Manager, Imo Connett, said,

Many people have a good idea about what’s makes interesting content but tend to use a scattergun approach; throw posts up and hope for the best. With a clear strategy aimed at a specific demographic, we dramatically narrow a target audience to those who have the highest potential for achieving the business’s goals.

The team have compiled a social media analytic and service package to overhaul accounts, get them set up and functioning correctly and achieve measurable results. Founder, Justine McLaughlin, added,

A social account set up properly can have a dramatic effect on website traffic, brand awareness and customer loyalty. This is incredibly important to have set up ready for when lockdown is lifted.

As we emerge into a post-pandemic world, an agile and smart marketing strategy is vital; social media is the fastest reacting form of marketing and has overtaken traditional advertising so must form an essential part of a company’s growth plan. Our packages can help businesses make the most of their social platforms with the minimum of fuss.


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