Radio Wirral Find Local Partner in Revolution Four

Radio Wirral Find Local Partner in Revolution Four

Revolution Four Directors, Nik Ellis & Justine McLaughlin, are proud to finally announce their new Partnership with Radio Wirral.

The duo will be supporting the local radio station as they build and re-brand to a new sound and image. The new station will come back to the airwaves of the Wirral, and beyond, with a range of innovative ideas and will be playing a mixture of contemporary hits with some classic pop from the last few decades.

Nik Ellis said this of the new partnership: “We’re delighted to be partnering with an independent local business and it’s great to see them supporting the Wirral! This will be a new era for the radio station and it will all be re-launched very soon”

Radio Wirral serves the 321,000 people who live on the Wirral Peninsula, and with plans to go live on DAB very soon, the station will also be able to reach expats and those across the Globe wanting to soak up the community and culture Wirral is known for.

Further information and plans developing from this new partnership and re-launch of Radio Wirral will be announced shortly, however in the meantime the station broadcasts as we speak, so tune in and listen up here


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