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Social Media During Lockdown

Social Media

There’s not much prospering during this Coronavirus lockdown, but social media is bucking the trend. Whilst most industries have unfortunately furloughed their employees, social media managers have been on fire. With a large proportion of the country sitting at home embracing social media for entertainment, news, conversations, etc, the increase in traffic has been unprecedented.

High data usage platforms such as YouTube and Netflix have even reduced their quality in some cases balancing the load just to enable them to cope with the exponential demand. Since lockdown we’ve seen Revolution Four’s traffic increase over 300% especially on Facebook and Instagram.

Love for the Community

So is this a time to throw up some adverts & hope for the best? Not something we would recommend at the best of times and certainly not right now. The best thing to be posting right now is help; can your company help this situation in any way? Not all companies can help, but there may be ways that they can in some way ease the pressure if they think outside the box.

Here’s some great examples of Wirral businesses helping:

If there’s nothing practical that your company can do, it may be a case of simply offering advice or pointing people in the right direction for help. Sharing any tips that you’ve uncovered along the way could really help someone. Try to identify what your followers will genuinely want to see. Netflix for example is using social media to advertise its shows, knowing that people are watching more TV than usual so they’re suggesting the next addictive box set.

Be Authentic

It’s always been important to be authentic, but this is more true now than ever. There’s a lot of people posting pictures or videos of themselves at home, on phones, with no sets or equipment. This keeps content real and something people can relate to and engage with, which is a big part of social media. With people feeling isolated, the connection provided by digital interaction has never been more appreciated.

Pick your platforms based on your content. For example Instagram is very visual, so great for pets, fashion, art, travel, etc whereas LinkedIn is more business focused. Twitter is great for current activities, the here and now of the world, TikTok has seen a huge rise of video content, particularly home made, whilst Facebook has a good blend of content and visuals. Try experimenting on different platforms to see which works best to achieve your goals.

It’s valuable for a business to manage the tonnes of really useful data provided by most social media platforms. This allows you to ascertain the most engaging content, what’s working and what’s not so interesting. It also shows you the demographics of your followers, allowing you to see what groups are interested in you. It also helps you plan further content and target specific audiences, so that more people who are specifically interested in you see your posts.

Our social media team are all working, albeit from home. We’re happy to give you as much assistance as you need. Just get in touch with us!


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