Social Media Marketing

Social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Using it effectively requires a strategy, knowledge, engagement and campaign management. Our experience allows us to work with you to generate, tweak and adapt paid advertising campaigns to reach your goals and ensure ROI is smashed.

Be Social

Social media is a platform used to ‘be social’ with your consumers in real time. Create conversation, develop relationships and build brand identity.  The ability to engage with consumers in real time, react to thoughts and opinions and analyse interactions following every communication, the possibilities are endless.

What, where and when you post content can have a huge impact on a customer’s perception of you. You can’t just post on social media for the sake of posting the content needs to be authentic, engaging and emulate your tone, ethos and culture consistent with your brand. You need to have a proper strategy in place to know how to effectively reach and engage your audience.

We are all aware of the ongoing changes of algorithms across platforms – it’s hard to even keep up. We are able to maintain on top of these changes, tweak your campaigns for the best return or manage paid advertising campaigns to reach your goals in the most efficient and creative way suitable to you and your brand.

Did you know… 80% of customers expect companies to respond to their social media posts within 24 hours!

Social Media Management Manager Marketing Campaigns Revolution Four Wirral Liverpool

Campaign Management Goals:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Strengthen your brand image
  • Establish your business as a thought leader
  • Promote your company culture and key business messages
  • Develop more personal relationships with your customers
  • Drive visitors to your website
  • Give a face to your business
  • Paid Advertising Management

Paid platforms for advertising on social media are becoming increasingly popular and powerful in recent years. We can help you to create a social advertising strategy that targets your key audience in ways you might not have imagined possible with a variety of campaign management and paid advertising.

“Revolution Four have transformed the way we use social media. We operate in both the UK and the US, and their creativity and collaboration have turbo charged our market reach in both territories. They are experts in the nuances of content, timing, and choice of platform, and the results have exceeded all exceptions.”

Social Media Management Manager Marketing Campaigns Revolution Four Wirral Liverpool

The Revolution Four Way

We are realistic in our approach, we understand that you can satisfy your social media in-house, you no doubt will already have a Facebook profile and will have sent posts out before. Whether you can do this effectively is crucial to your brands image and perception though.

Tackling the enormity of the online world and deciding what’s relevant for your business can be a daunting task, engaging and anlysing your posts is something some people haven’t even considered, but actually vital to grow your brand.

Campaign Management

Recently we have acknowledged that our speciality lies with campaign management, working alongside you to generate campaigns with genuine KPI’s such as increasing followers, engagement or traction to the website.

Having a direction and goal allows us to work creatively with you to strategically come up with a campaign to reach your goal, set your targets and hit them whilst analysing your data along the way.

The Process:


Social media isn’t a script; it is a two-way conversation and businesses often neglect the voice and thoughts of their audience. Revolution Four will monitor mentions of your business or brand and keep on track of what’s being said as well as emulate your tone, ethos and culture within the carefully curated content.


It’s good to be involved. From listening we can become more active participants online, contribute further to the conversations and really connect with your audience. Through greater understanding we can continue to develop our tactics and language to maintain a consistent brand tone which truly engages your audience.

Campaign Management

We work with you to develop key targets for your campaigns and creatively design and curate content whilst analysing throughout. These goals may include things such as; increasing brand awareness, strengthen your brand image or to drive visitors to your website.

Paid Advertising

Social media algorithms are forever changing.  We use all of our social media knowledge to create, design and manage your paid advertising campaigns, tweaking based on regular analysis and setting up all the relative components such as pixels, business suite and analytics.