Stand Out From The Crowd With These 6 Marketing Steps

Stand Out From The Crowd With These 6 Marketing Steps

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Gone are the days when an ad in the local paper and some good word of mouth marketing was enough to keep new customers coming in. In these competitive times, your potential clients are bombarded from all sides, constantly exposed to advertising in everything from email to social media feeds. The result of this? If what you’re putting out there doesn’t stand out from the crowd, they’ll just ignore it!

We’ve put together a quick guide, with 6 top tips to help ensure that when a potential customer needs legal/financial assistance, the first name they think of is yours.

1. Build Customer Loyalty

When customers are being bombarded with information about many businesses in the same industry, your current customers can be your greatest asset, recommending your business to colleagues, family and friends. One way to keep them loyal is to communicate.

Whether this is via email, social media or even good old-fashioned snail mail, staying in touch with existing clients pays dividends. Aim for at least 5 touch points a year and try and make your communication personal or quirky – that way they’re much more likely to share it with colleagues and friends.

2. Know What Your Business Offers

If your company’s product or service is truly different (or better!) than those of your competitors, it’s your job to educate your audience. Focus marketing efforts on what your company can offer clients that others can’t (perhaps a team member with a wealth of experience in a specific area). Make customers aware of how your services have benefited other clients with similar needs, and shout about your successes via testimonials and feedback from your existing clients.

3. Be Original

Since customers are routinely bombarded with marketing information, your business should find ways to make its message memorable. Finding a message that resonates with customers and coupling it with beautiful, memorable graphics is a great way to help them to remember you. Another tactic is to enlist your customers to market for you – organised and consistent social media is perfect for this.

4. Fill a Need

Many of the greatest ideas are sparked by an unmet need, but first you need to find problems your target customers are experiencing, then work out which of the services you offer will actually help to solve them. A great way to establish what your target clients are struggling with is via a survey. Keep it brief and offer an incentive for them to complete it. Always include a question along the lines of, ‘If we could help you to make one problem disappear, what would it be?’ or ‘If there was one service we could offer that would save you time and hassle, what would you want it to be?’

5. Listen To Your Customers

Taking criticism is tough, especially when you’re putting a great deal of time and energy into getting it right. That said, an unhappy customer is far more likely to share bad news, than a happy one is to share good news. Don’t be tempted to see a complaint as a personal attack – treat it as a valuable  means of improving your product or service. If you deal with it effectively, your unhappy customer could turn into your biggest ambassador!

6. Keep It Consistent

If you’re communicating with clients on a regular basis already, that’s great. But are all your marketing messages consistently branded and professional? If not, they may not even realise it’s you they’re hearing from!

Every piece of communication material you use, from your email signatures/campaigns to your business cards and social media platforms should be consistently branded and impeccably professional. This then builds up your image over time as a safe pair of hands when they need your help.

So, in conclusion, there are many ways to make your business stand out. The starting point is to have a clear idea of why your business is great. You can then communicate it to your target audience with authority, increasing the chance that they will remember you. The next step is to ensure that every single time your potential customers see your brand, it looks fantastic.

That’s where Revolution Four can help. Whether it’s designing or refreshing your logo, creating stand-out graphics for social media, conducting market research to assess the needs of your target audience, sending out surveys on your behalf, sorting out your graphics for key presentations, refreshing or creating a new website – I could go on and on…


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