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Thinking Like A Start-Up Is Key To Lockdown Success

Start-up companies, by their very nature, are agile, risk-taking & tech savvy, which tends to be the opposite of large traditional companies. The problem with being conservative is that time is ticking and a business pontificating will soon be undermined…
Nik Ellis & Justine McLaughlin Digital marketing experts

Is your business on the line or online?

The Pandemic Challenge Between lockdown, tiers and circuit breakers, it’s been challenging to steer a business through such stormy waters. Out of chaos comes opportunity and we’ve seen some amazing metamorphosis of businesses transitioning from the high street to online.…
Revolution Four keeping businesses open online

Tech Start-Up Huttono Acquired By Revolution 4.0

Tech Start-Up Huttono Acquired By Revolution 4.0 Fortifying Their Post Lockdown Comeback. We are delighted to announce that we have acquired start-up technology company, Huttono during the lockdown period. Huttono was formed just over a year ago as part of Whitfield Business…
Revolution Four acquires Huttono Tech Company